20 Ways to Re-purpose or Upcycle Empty Wood Pellet Bags

Earth Day Recycle ChallengeIn honor of Earth Day, we ran a challenge on our Woodpellets.com Facebook pageĀ to find out about some uses for empty pellet bags. Some great prizes were given out (a free professional pellet stove cleaning and PelletBucks) but we also learned so many new ideas for how to repurpose bags!

The photo to the left was our contest winner’s submission.Ā This photo illustrates how she uses her empty bags for sorting herĀ TerraCycleĀ Brigade recycling. It looks like she uses an empty diaper box for sorting as well! The Terracycle Brigade program collects previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste, with free shipping as well as a donation for each piece of garbage recycled.

We loved that she takes extra time and care for not-so-simple recycling, and that our empty Cleanfire Douglas FirĀ pellet bags are a part of her process!

Although not everyone could come in first place, we loved all the ideas! Here are some of the ways our fans repurpose (or upcycle) their bags:

  • Summer activity: make a pellet bag Water Blob!
  • Use the shroud to wrap up Christmas tree
  • Kitchen and bathroom trash bags
  • Split them in half and cover new grass seed patches in the early spring when it is still cold (mini greenhouses!)
  • Bags for recyclables,Ā returnable bottles and cans
  • Pet waste pickup bags
  • Assemble together for tarps and covers
  • Screened room winter window covers
  • Use under and around pallets of pellets to avoid weeds and moisture
  • Cut them into strips and use them along the fencing in garden to flap in the wind and scare away birds
  • Use as sturdy manure bags for horses
  • Padding in packages for shipping
  • Cut up to use as shipping packages
  • Wrapping paper (activity: kids can decorate with markers!)
  • Cut them to fit over plants as mini greenhouses or frost protection
  • Line planters for easy Fall removal
  • Use in workshop for sawdust and wood chunks
  • Weed-blocker under patio area: cut and duct tape together, cover with sand and put patio blocks over
  • Line flower beds, before covering with mulch


Do you have any ideas to share?