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New legislation could raise or lower the cost of wood pellets by as much as $50/ton.

The Alliance for Green Heat is an independent non-profit environmental organization working for you and other homeowners with biomass heating systems.

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Sustainability means using resources efficiently

Using Biomass Efficiently Reduces our Environmental Footprint

Biomass Electric Generation (without co-generation)

  • With biomass electric generation, only 20-35% of the energy in forest products becomes useful electric power. 65-85% of the energy content of the wood is discarded as waste heat from the facilities.
  • With biomass conversion to liquid fuels such as cellulosic ethanol, less then 40% of the energy in the feedstock is converted into usable fuel.  
  • But with biomass co-generation or biomass thermal, 80-92% of energy resources of forest products wind up as useful energy, displacing fossil fuels & carbon emissions.

With a limited quantity of sustainable forest resources available, efficient usage results in:

  • Lower environmental impact and lower carbon emissions
  • Lessened reliance on imported fossil fuels
  • Greater job creation and a significantly higher federal and state tax revenue base
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