We love wood pellets!

Woodpellets.com works with dozens of mills throughout North America to provide you with the best wood pellets available. We’re obsessed with quality, and independently test our fuels to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Cleanfire Douglas Fir

Lives up to its reputation as the best pellet on the planet

Cleanfire Hardwood

Our leading hardwood pellet - fantastic heat.

Cleanfire Pacific

Exceptional heat - the pellet connoisseur’s choice.

Granules LG

Very clean burn - a superior softwood pellet.

Homestead Pellets

Easy on your stove and your wallet.

Maine's Choice

Good value for your money.

Powerhouse Pellets

A 100% Hardwood Pennsylvania Pellet.

Trebio Softwood

A High Heat Softwood Pellet.

All products may not be available in all areas.