Quality Pellets - It's What We Do

We put our pellets to the test – so you don’t have to!
  • Our quality certified pellets exceed industry standards for Ash, BTU and Moisture levels.
  • We burn them ourselves! After all, that’s how we became "The Pellet Experts."
  • We stand behind our quality certified pellets with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
How do you know you’re getting a good quality fuel?
  • We only work with well-established pellet mills that consistently meet our required Ash, BTU and Moisture specifications, as verified by independent labs.
  • We random-sample test regularly to ensure quality. If we don’t like it – you don’t get it.
  • We share our test results with you - so you know what you’re buying.
Our low moisture, high BTU, low ash quality certified pellets means a clean, consistent burn with high heating value – and a lot less stove cleaning for you!

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