In the News

We’re often asked to help spread the word about wood pellets, renewable energy, and biomass fuels to local and national media. In fact, when Consumer Reports wanted to learn about pellets, they came to us! Here are some articles and recent press clips.

  12/21/11 Announces New Leadership
  11/01/11   Wood Pellet Sales Remain Red Hot
  10/25/11   Senator Shaheen urges homeowners and businesses to consider biomass energy for heating.
  10/10/11   2010 Census Shows Wood is Fastest Growing Heating Fuel in U.S.
  09/09/11   Unprecedented Cost Savings With Wood Pellet Heating
  09/08/11   NH Makes Installing Wood Pellet Boilers More Affordable
  08/30/11   Mother and Family Win Wood Pellet Stove and Free Fuel for a Year
  04/18/11 Stove Finder Provides Innovative Tool for Converting to Renewable Energy
  04/13/11   Heating the Northeast Conference to Focus on Building Regional Economy and Saving Consumers Money
  04/11/11 Commends Governor Lynch on Responsiveness to Manufacturers’ Feedback
  04/06/11 Offers Affordable Spring Pricing and Delivery Options Amid Continued Oil Pricing Turmoil
  03/04/11   Massachusetts Resident Wins a Pellet Stove and Three Tons of Wood Pellets
  03/01/11 Launches Innovative Wood Pellet Stove Finder
  01/21/11   New Hampshire Invests in Green Heating Solutions – and Local Resources
  01/19/11   Local Businesses Donate Free Green Heat to Community School
  01/10/11   Rising Heating Oil Costs Result in Record Savings with Wood Pellets
  11/24/10 Contest Offers Prize of Pellet Stove and Wood Pellet Fuel
  11/15/10 Receives Better Business Bureau Perfect Record Award
  01/11/10   Hodes announces new small business plan to create jobs in New Hampshire
  10/19/09   The latest on alternative-energy deals from Dow Jones Clean Technology Insight
  09/01/09   Wood pellets among the cleanest-burning and most renewable sources of energy available
  10/21/09   New York Times - As the Dollar Sinks, Oil Skyrockets
  08/09/09   WMUR New Hampshire Business Interviews Jon Strimling, President
  03/30/09   Conference to Promote Heating the Northeast with Solid Biomass Fuels Announced
  10/15/09   Nine Leading Biomass Companies Form Biomass Thermal Energy Council
  11/26/08   Taking Credit For Energy Efficiency – New Tax Credit for Wood Pellet Stoves
  10/01/09   No Shortage Here; Has Tons of Wood Pellets
  11/18/08   Popularity of Wood Pellet Stoves Drives Delivery-System Innovation
  11/10/08   Germany a model for pellet use
  10/08/08 to Homeowners: "$300 Tax Credit in 'Bailout Bill' Can Bring Skyrocketing Heating Costs Back to Earth"
  09/17/08's new software gauges biomass supply and demand
  09/08/08 Sole Biomass Fuel Supplier at Just-Concluded Green Frontier Fest; Live Wood Pellets "Hottest" Demo at Expo
  08/28/08   Pellets selling "like mad"
  07/26/08   Building Bridges in the Wood Pellet Heating Industry
  06/13/08   Wood pellet market heats up as oil prices soar
  06/03/08   Mass High Tech - American Biomass heats up with $4M in first funding round
  06/03/08   Venture Beat - Back to the basics American Biomass funded for wood-fueled home heating
  04/02/08   Forbes - Sawmills find rich sideline in sawdust