Labs Test for Actual Efficiency of Wood and Pellet Stoves

In May of 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency began to require efficiency testing for stoves. Those tested and certified before then do not have to disclose their efficiency until they are required to conduct new tests – while will be at least a couple of years.

Many stove manufacturers post efficiency numbers based on non-standardized calculations. This means the information posted on the company website might not be entirely accurate.

The wood and pellet stoves found in the chart below have been tested by accredited laboratories for efficiency in order to find honest data for consumers. Keep in mind that the efficiency of wood stoves is partly based on the operator, while lab-tested pellet stove efficiency results should be considered reliable.


Model Name Emission Rate
American Energy Sys. Baby
Country S
1 73 Pellet
American Energy Sys. 3500,
01 & 02
1 67 Pellet
American Energy Sys. Little
1.1 71 Pellet
APR IndustriesAPR Industries Bay WinPrevia 0.561 7876 PelletPellet
Arada Stoves Farringdon
2.8 71 Non
Ardisam Serenity
1.1 77 Pellet
Blaze King Industries KEJ
1.8 82 Cat
Blaze King Industries Princess
2.4 81 Cat
Blaze King Industries Princess
2.1 81 Cat
Blaze King Industries Ashford
30.1 Chinook
0.8 80 Cat
Blaze King Industries Princess
2 80 Cat
Blaze King Industries Chin.
Sir. Ashford 20
1.3 77 Cat
Blaze King Industries Chin.
Sir. Ashford 30
0.97 75 Cat
Blaze King Industries Sirocco
SC25, Ash AF25
0.9 77 Cat
Blaze King Industries Ashford
20.1 Chinook
1.3 77 Cat
Blaze King Industries Briarwood
3.5 71 Non
Boru Stove Company Carraig
3.9 73 Non
England’s Stove Works 25-SSP01 0.56 79 Pellet
England’s Stove Works 15-SSW02 3.5 70 Non
Even Temp (St. Croix) Hastings 1.1 66 Pellet
Even Temp (St. Croix) Ashby-P 1 66 Pellet
Even Temp, (St. Croix) Prescott
0.53 70 Pellet
Extraflame V5.2 0.59 87 Pellet
Extraflame V4.5 0.93 82 Pellet
Extraflame V3.4 1.1 85 Pellet
Foyers Supreme Fusion
4.4 64 Non
Hearth & Home Tech. PPC90,
1.1 82 Pellet
Hearth & Home Tech. Absolute
1.4 78 Pellet
Hearth & Home Tech. XXV-TC 1.7 72 Pellet
Hearth & Home Tech. Allure
1.5 75 Pellet
Hearth & Home Tech. Adventure
2.9 70 Non
Hearth & Home Tech. Mt.
Vernon AE
1.7 71 Pellet
Hearth & Home Tech. Accentra-2 0.62 71 Pellet
Hearth & Home Tech. Advance 1.8 67 Pellet
Heat Tech HTP
26 Bay
0.54 70 Pellet
Heat Tech HTP
26 Standard
0.77 66 Pellet
Industrial Chimney Co. Delta
1.3 60 Non
J.A. Roby Plaris,
Centauri, etc.
1.4 76 Non
Jotul North America Jotul
4.1 74 Non
Jotul North America C350 4 74 Non
Jotul North America F55 3.5 76 Non
Jotul North America F118
3.5 75 Non
Jotul North America F45 2.3 74 Non
Jotul North America F500 3.2 74 Non
Jotul North America F118
Black Bear
3 73 Non
Jotul North America C450,
4.4 73 Non
Jotul North America F3CBII 3.8 73 Non
Jotul North America F602
3.4 71 Non
Jotul North America F100
3 73 Non
Jotul North America 50TL 2.8 72 Non
Jotul North America C550
4.5 71 Non
Jotul North America Castine
3.8 68 Non
Jotul North America F370 2.6 66 Non
Kuma Stove Inc. Sequoia 2.2 84 Cat
Kuma Stove Inc. Ashwood 3.5 73 Non
Kuma Stove Inc. Scott
3.5 73 Non
Kuma Stove Inc. Wood
3.3 73 Non
Kuma Stove Inc. Aspen 4.1 72 Non
LMF Manufacturing America’s
1.7 58 Pellet
Ningbo Hongsheng Comfortbilt
2.5 81 Pellet
Pacific Energy Fireplace TN20 2.1 75 Non
Pacific Energy Fireplace Neo
2.5, insert
2.9 74 Non
Pacific Energy Fireplace FP16 3.1 65 Non
Pacific Energy Fireplace True
North TN40
1.4 72 Pellet
Pacific Energy Fireplace Neo
1.2, Neostone 1.2
2.9 74 Pellet
Pacific Energy Fireplace Neostone
3.4 75 Non
Pacific Energy Fireplace FP
3.5 67 Non
Pleasant Hearth, GHP WS-2720-B 4.5 66 Non
Quadrafire (HHT) Explorer
2 69 Non
Ravelli Roma 0.74 76 Pellet
Regency (FPI) Regency
1.1 81 Cat
Regency (FPI) C12600,
1.8 80 Cat
Regency (FPI) F5100 1.5 79 Cat
Seraph Industries Genesis
2.1 78 Pellet
Sherwood Industries Enviro
4.5 75 Non
Sherwood Industries Enviro
1200, i
3.4 72 Non
Sherwood Industries EF2,
1.8 58 Pellet
SMG HP21 1.3 79 Pellet
SMG  HP61 1.2 83 Pellet
Travis Industries Insert
0.58 80 Hybrid
Travis Industries Cape
0.45 80 Hybrid
Travis Industries Rockport 0.8 78 Cat
Travis Industries Small
0.89 76 Hybrid
Travis Industries Evergreen 3.6 74 Non
Travis Industries 42CVT
0.7 73 Cat
Unforgetable Fire Katydid 1.9 73 Non
United States Stoves VG150 2.8 74 Non
US Stove Company 2016E 3.7 67 Non
US Stove Company 5710,
1 69 Pellet
US Stove Company 1269E 4.2 68 Non
US Stove Company 5660E,
1.9 62 Pellet
Wiseway Pellet Stove GW1949 1.9 69 Pellet
Wolf Steel NZ3000H 3.3 63 Cat
Woodstock Soapstone Absolute
0.5 77 Hybrid
Woodstock Soapstone Ideal
1 82 Hybrid
Woodstock Soapstone Progress
1.3 81 Hybrid

The Alliance for Green Heat obtained actual efficiencies from the EPA on four other stoves through a Freedom of Information Act:

  • Harman Accentra 51i: 76%
  • Quadrafire Mt. Vernon E2: 75%
  • Ravelli 100: 70%
  • Ravelli 80: 56%

Check out the Alliance for Green Heat blog to learn more!


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Wood Pellet Burning Strategies Gaining Popularity Hardwood Softwood Burn Strategy

Have you considered burning more than one type or brand of wood pellets during one heating season?

A trend growing in popularity among experienced pellet stove owners is to burn pellets with a higher heat output during the coldest months of the heating season, and burn pellets with a lesser heat output (and a typically lower price tag) in the early season and late season months.

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Farmers’ Almanac 2016-17 Weather Predictions Are In
Shoveling snow wasn’t much of a bother last year, heating bills were much lower, and December was the warmest on record for the lower 48 states. The year ended pretty wet too – with 86 percent of the U.S experiencing above-normal precipitation. However according to the 2016-17 Farmers’ Almanac, the nice reprieve we enjoyed last year is over…and winter is making a big comeback. 

2017FarmerAlmanacPredictions for this year include warnings of exceptionally cold, frigid weather which will predominate over parts of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England this winter.

The long-range weather predictions also forewarn of very cold weather spurts that could reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Longtime readers claim the Farmers’ Almanac prediction reports are about 80-85% accurate. Still have doubts? Take a look at their long list of accurate past predictions, here.

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Get Your Stove Ready for Fall

Woodpellets.comAside from the usual ash removal and general maintenance, your wood pellet stove needs additional care in order to operate at optimal safety and efficiency. So when it was time to shut down your stove for the summer, did you take the time to do so properly? Instead of just pulling the plug and walking away, responsible pellet stove owners should have used a quick shut-down checklist:

  • Turn off your stove and unplug it from the wall entirely
  • Use an ammonia-free, heat-safe cleaning solvent to clean the glass
  • Clean out the inside of the stove and hopper as best you can
  • Remove all leftover pellets (burned and unburned)

Probably the most important part of shutting down for the summer is removing all leftover residue and pellets. If you have moisture inside your stove, the leftover pellets will absorb it. This can cause rust to form, which could lead to costly damage.

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How to Maximize Your Garage Storage Space

Make room for wood pellets! Declutter your Storage space with these handy tips from

It’s getting to be that time again. You need to start making room for your pallets of wood pellets that you’ll be using soon. We’ve shown you how to stack a few tons in a small space, but what if you need more room?  Here are some handy organization tips from the experts at Houzz:

It’s easy to become overwhelmed on projects like this when you jump in with no plan. It’s best to start with some rough guidelines and goals.

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DIY Empty Pellet Bag Jump Rope
Looking for a rainy day activity that the kids can help out with? We’ve put together a simple tutorial on how to make a jumprope out of empty wood pellet bags – and we hope you’ll try it out.

Remember, we’re dealing with plastic and scissors here, so kids should participate under adult supervision only.

What you’ll need:
- Empty wood pellet bags
- Scissors
- Tape
- Minimal braiding skills

For one jump rope, you’ll need two pellet bags. First, shake out any excess pellets and fines from the bags. Cut the tops and bottoms of the bags so you have a nice even double layer of plastic to work with. Carefully cut strips vertically either one layer at a time, or keep the layers together to cut two strips at a time. Try to keep the strips of similar width, but it doesn’t have to be perfect of course.

Next, tie at least 12 single strips of plastic together until you have a nice long strip of plastic. Repeat this twice to have three total. Fold each connected strip in half to double up the strength, and tie a knot on one end. Repeat this with the other two connected plastic strips. 

Twist the three double strings together, just under the knots you made, and securely tape down to a table or wall. To make the braiding easier, twist each double string all the way down to the end, and make a knot. You should now have three twisted together double strips, connected at the top.

Make a simple braid all the way from the top to bottom, using your three twisted together strips. Just like the old friendship bracelets, just much longer this time! Secure the three strings together at the bottom.

You can make a heftier, stronger jump rope by repeating the above steps twice, and braiding those three braids together. But this simple tutorial should give you a nice jump rope that can easily survive a season of play.

The handles can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. We used several layers of extra strips to wrap around the ends to make handles, and secured them with tape. Here you can get creative and add some fun flair, like colorful ribbon or decorative duct tape. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have any ideas on how to reuse empty wood pellet bags? Please share!

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Wood Pellets Aren’t Always Just for Heating

Kitty Litter

Have you heard of using wood pellets as kitty litter? It’s inexpensive and 100% natural - no silica particles, no toxins, fragrances or dust. All you need to get started is a clean cat box, baking soda, and a bag of 100% softwood wood pellets.

Ahead of time, moisten a few handfuls of wood pellets with water until they turn into sawdust. The video below shows a timelapse of wood pellets absorbing water to create fluffy horse bedding. You’ll basically be doing the same thing, but on a smaller scale.

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