Common Winter Weather Lore

Weather LoreWeather lore is spoken and written folklore consisting of rhymes, anecdotes, and adages meant to predict upcoming weather. Have you heard of the warning for rain when cows lay down? Or what about “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.” These are both perfect examples of weather lore.

Most common are predictions about winter, and most specifically – December. The Old Farmer’s Almanac rounded up the most widely spread December folklore…have you heard of these?

  • On St. Thomas’s Day (December 21) the winter takes its full power.
  • White Christmas, green Easter. Green Christmas, white Easter.
  • If December is rainy, mild and unsettled, the winter will not be harsh.
  • If December is cold and the earth is covered with snow, next year’s rye will be in abundance.
  • If there’s thunder during Christmas week, the winter will be anything but meek.
  • The nearer the New Moon to Christmas Day, the harder the winter.
  • If Christmas day be bright and clear, there’ll be two winters in the year.
  • A green Christmas brings a heavy harvest.
  • So many hours of sun on Christmas Day, so many frosts in the month of May.
  • If the sun shines through an apple tree on Christmas, there will be an abundant crop of apples in the coming year.
  • If it rains on Christmas, there will be four weeks with no sun.
  • The wind at the end of Midnight Mass will be the dominant wind in the coming year.
  • A windy Christmas is a sign of a good year to come.
  • If there is much wind on Christmas Day, trees will bear much fruit.
  • If the wind grows stormy before sunset on Christmas, expect sickness in the coming spring and autumn.
  • If it snows on Christmas night, there will be a good crop of hops next year.
  • If at Christmas, ice hangs on the willow, then clover may be cut at Easter.
  • A bright Christmas foretells that hens will lay well.
  • A dark Christmas foretells that cows will give much milk.

2017FarmerAlmanacSpeaking of weather predictions, have you read the outlook from the famous Farmers’ Almanac? While last winter was a reprieve from shoveling and high fuel bills, the party is apparently over.

According to the 2017 Farmers’ Almanac, “winter is back!” We’re in for a cold and snowy one. The prediction warns of an active storm track that will deliver above-normal precipitation to the Southeast, Northeast and New England states throughout most of the winter, and especially in February.

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3. Ash Vacuum $35

While we always recommend professional stove cleanings and inspections as a best practice, it’s also important to keep up with your own cleanings. This small, rugged wet/dry vac can handle removing the ash from your stove! Find it here.

4. Star Shower Outdoor Lights $46

Instantly project thousands of moving laser lights onto your home with the click of a button using this weatherproof holographic light projector – so you can skip the ladder! Find it here.

5. Heated Throw Blanket $50

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6. Fresh Herb Wreath $41

At first glance, it looks like just a pretty wreath. But it’s actually made from organic rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, and fresh red chili peppers! The herbs dry and can be used for cooking throughout the year. Find it here.

7. Engraved Cutting Board $40

This personalized bamboo wood cutting board is both unique and useful! One side is smooth and practical, to be used for cutting – while the other side is engraved for displaying. Find it here.

8. Food Selection Dice $34

This glass container of wooden dice helps you discover over 186,000 possible meal combinations to inspire creativity in the kitchen! Five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and 4 seasonal veggie dice are included. Find it here.

9. Shipping Pallet Coasters $29

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10. Last Name Door Mat $48

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United States Mid-Century Strategy for Deep Decarbonization Published

U.S.-Mid-Century-Strategy-for-Deep-DecarbonizationThe White House has just released the United States Mid-Century Strategy for Deep Decarbonization, a national U.S. strategy to decarbonize the economy over the next 34 years.

This report spans over 100 pages, and details the 2050 vision of economy-wide net greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 80 percent or more below 2005 levels. The White House explains:

“The MCS demonstrates how the United States can meet the growing demands on its energy system and lands while achieving a low-emissions pathway, maintaining a thriving economy, and ensuring a just transition for Americans whose livelihoods are connected to fossil fuel production and use,”

The report describes opportunities to reduce biofuel production costs, improve production efficiency, develop drop-in fuels, co-optimize engines with low-carbon fuel to maximize performance and greenhouse gas reductions, and ensure biomass is produced and used in ways that are carbon beneficial.

“An illustrative 2050 land use scenario consistent with [mid-century strategy] goals, which could entail 50 million acres of forest expansion and 40 million acres of biomass production from 2015 areas, would need to be managed carefully,” states the report. “However, these changes can be made ecologically and economically feasible by focusing on opportunities to deliver multiple products and services on the same acre, including agroforestry, precision agriculture, and bioenergy crop-pasture rotational strategies”

The report explains other factors regarding biomass production/uses, as well as possible scenarios for the nation’s energy future. You can read the entire publication for yourself, here

How to Spook Up Your Decor Using Wood Pallets

Wood Pallet Repurpose Project for Halloween DecorationThe leaves are changing, the days are shorter, the air is crisp, and costumes are flying off shelves. We like to call this time of year HeArTh-O-wEeN!

Lots of spooky decorations are everywhere, but did you know you can use that your leftover wood pallets from your delivery to really kick it up a notch?

Read >> Halloween Wood Pallet Decorations

Here’s a new one – an Underground Dungeon Illusion! You only need a little time and a few provisions to make it.

What You’ll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Wood Pallet
  • Monster Hands
  • Waterproof Led Lights

Find a space in your garden or lawn where you don’t mind disturbing the ground. Ideally, you’ll have it near your home’s walkway so more visitors can be easily spooked! Of course, don’t situate it too close to where people walk – so the scary illusion works even better.

All you have to do is dig down about 6 inches deep in the shape of your pallet – which is typically 40 inches by 48 inches. Make sure to take measurements first, so you don’t dig more than you need to.

Load up your waterproof, outdoor-safe led lights inside the pallet. Try and find some in an eery color like red, murky green or even purple! If your lights aren’t battery-operated, make sure your cord is threaded through the boards inconspicuously before you lower your light ready pallet down into the space you’ve made in the ground.

Cover up the pallet edges with dirt to get it even with the ground surface. Place your monster hands in the slats to make it look like your monster is trapped and trying to escape…and you’re done!

Happy Hearthoween!

$300 Biomass Federal Tax Credit Expiring

Biomass Tax CreditAre you eligible for the $300 Biomass Federal Tax Credit? It’s a $300 dollar-for-dollar tax credit for purchasing a qualifying biomass-burning stove between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. To make sure yours meets the 75% efficiency rating requirement, just check with your retailer.

You’re able to claim this credit as long as the stove was installed in your principal residence. This is the home you live in most of the time. It must be in the United States, and it can include a house, houseboat, mobile home, cooperative apartment, condominium, and a manufactured home. New construction and rentals do not apply. 

If you bought your eligible pellet stove in 2016, or are planning to by the end of this year, prepare for your 2016 tax filing by keeping your sales receipt and the manufacturer’s certification.

If your stove meets all the requirements, and you purchased it in 2015, did you include it on your tax return? If you missed out on the Biomass Federal Tax Credit, use Form 1040X – Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. You have up to three years after the filing or due date, or two years after paying your taxes to amend. Full information on how to amend your return can be found here.

For More Information, See HPBA’s Tax Credit Fact Sheet, Here

Why Your Pellet Stove Won’t Ignite, Stay Lit, Feed Pellets, Etc.

Why Your Pellet Stove Won’t Ignite, Stay Lit, Feed Pellets, Etc.There are many different brands and styles of wood pellet stoves – so the best way to start learning about your particular stove is to read the entire manual. If you’re a new pellet stove owner, or have switched to a different model – it could take some trial and error to learn the right process for your home.

You might be surprised to learn that many common issues pellet burners face with their stoves can be solved with making some adjustments. Again – start to troubleshoot and learn by reading your manual! It has the best stove-specific advice on operation, maintenance, recommendations and best practices.

Take a look at our quick cheat sheet below to review the pellet stove problems we hear about the most.

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Labs Test for Actual Efficiency of Wood and Pellet Stoves

In May of 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency began to require efficiency testing for stoves. Those tested and certified before then do not have to disclose their efficiency until they are required to conduct new tests – while will be at least a couple of years.

Many stove manufacturers post efficiency numbers based on non-standardized calculations. This means the information posted on the company website might not be entirely accurate.

The wood and pellet stoves found in the chart below have been tested by accredited laboratories for efficiency in order to find honest data for consumers. Keep in mind that the efficiency of wood stoves is partly based on the operator, while lab-tested pellet stove efficiency results should be considered reliable.

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Welcoming South Shore Wood Pellets Customers Partners with South Shore Wood Pellets to Help Cover Former Customers with Quality Wood Pellets, Expert Customer Service and Convenient Delivery Options. Although the Massachusetts-based South Shore Wood Pellets permanently closed this year, the owner of SSWP felt it was important to redirect his customers to a reliable vendor that would provide the high level of premium products and service they are used to. That’s where we come in.

The team at has been working together with South Shore Wood Pellets to make sure former patrons are covered. We are a local New Hampshire company celebrating our 10th anniversary in business. We have withstood all the challenges over the years by focusing on one thing; our valued customers.

We proudly offer the highest quality wood pellets and bricks, convenient home delivery to your driveway or garage, and a team of experts to answer your questions – including troubleshooting and service needs. We have grown to become one of the most reliable and largest pellet retailers in the Northeast.

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Wood Pellet Burning Strategies Gaining Popularity Hardwood Softwood Burn Strategy

Have you considered burning more than one type or brand of wood pellets during one heating season?

A trend growing in popularity among experienced pellet stove owners is to burn pellets with a higher heat output during the coldest months of the heating season, and burn pellets with a lesser heat output (and a typically lower price tag) in the early season and late season months.

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Farmers’ Almanac 2016-17 Weather Predictions Are In
Shoveling snow wasn’t much of a bother last year, heating bills were much lower, and December was the warmest on record for the lower 48 states. The year ended pretty wet too – with 86 percent of the U.S experiencing above-normal precipitation. However according to the 2016-17 Farmers’ Almanac, the nice reprieve we enjoyed last year is over…and winter is making a big comeback. 

2017FarmerAlmanacPredictions for this year include warnings of exceptionally cold, frigid weather which will predominate over parts of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England this winter.

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