Congress is
in Action

New legislation could raise or lower the cost of wood pellets by as much as $50/ton.

The Alliance for Green Heat is an independent non-profit environmental organization working for you and other homeowners with biomass heating systems.

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Jobs DO grow on trees!

Germany is a lesson in biomass adoption

  • Germany has long been recognized as a leader in solar and wind power.
  • Yet with all of their investment in solar and wind, Germany has actually created more jobs in biomass than in either solar or wind?

Why is biomass heating so effective at creating new jobs?

  • Unlike solar or wind energy, biomass must be harvested, transported and replenished year-after-year, so the labor content is much higher than for other renewable fuels.
  • Whereas a biomass electric power plant may employ 30 people or a biomass to cellulosic plant may employ roughly the same, wood pellet plants employ roughly 200 people directly in manufacturing for the same level of production.
  • Because these employees contribute to our nation’s fiscal health through employment taxes, biomass heating is actually revenue simulative for our federal government and with adoption by just 10% of the homes in the Northeast could contribute over $4B in federal revenues over the next ten years (net of proposed incentives)