Cleanfire Pacific

  8965 BTU/lb        .21 % ash
$334.90 /ton
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Product Description

Cleanfire Pacific pellets are known for their high heat and low ash content. Not only are they tested at the mill to ensure super-low ash and high BTU, but they’re also certified through independent third-party labs to ensure the highest quality. Cleanfire Pacific pellets are sourced from the Western forests of North America, and include material recycled from standing deadwood.

Ash residue ranges from 0.3% - 0.5%, which means CleanFire Pacific pellets meet the PFI super-premium ranking for ash content. And the heat output of this brand is one of the highest in New England!

The Cleanfire brand remains one of's most popular, largely due to the exceptional quality controls that ensure customers receive a consistently top-quality wood pellet.

Made in North America


Ash 0.21%
Moisture 5.50%
BTU (moisture free) 8965 BTU/lb
BTU (as recieved)
Why two BTU values?
8472 BTU/lb
Species Softwood
Bags Per Skid 50 bags
Skid Height 48" inches
Pallet Dimensions 4' x 3.5'