Granules LG

8600 BTU/lb
0.45% Ash
$309.90 / ton
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Product Description

Granules LG wood pellets are known for their superior heating value and have become very popular because they consistently deliver high BTUs and low ash. They are a 100% natural product and consistently surpass industry standards for pellet fuel.

They are softwood pellets manufactured from Black Spruce and Grey Pine, and are produced at a state-of-the-art pellet mill in Quebec, Canada.

Note, these pellets come on 1.5 ton skids. This means that each skid (pallet) will have 75 bags for a total of 1.5 tons.


Ash 0.45%
Moisture 6.50%
BTU (moisture free) 8600 BTU/lb
BTU (as recieved)
Why two BTU values?
8190 BTU/lb
Species Softwood
Bags Per Skid 75 bags
Skid Height 60" inches