Cleanfire Douglas Fir Softwood

9100 BTU/lb
0.22% Ash
$419.90 / ton

Order Minimum - 2 tons Sold Out

Product Description

Normally only available in the Pacific Northwest, the Douglas Fir tree is legendary in its heating characteristics. Our Cleanfire Douglas Fir wood pellets are made from 100% Douglas Fir – so the pellet is made only from the good stuff! These pellets are a distinctive reddish-brown color. We source them from the western forests of British Columbia, and include material recycled from standing deadwood – very environmentally friendly! To ensure we’re delivering the highest quality product possible, we lovingly transport the pellets from British Columbia, screen out all the fines and then bag them here in New England.

Ash residue ranges from 0.2% - 0.3%, which means CleanFire™ Douglas Fir pellets far exceed the PFI super-premium ranking for ash content, and the heat output is in the 8600 plus BTU/pound! These deliver some serious heat!

The Cleanfire™ brand remains one of’s most popular, largely due to the exceptional quality controls and certified third-party lab testing that ensures you receive a consistently top-quality wood pellet.


Ash 0.22%
Moisture 4.40%
BTU (moisture free) 9100 BTU/lb
BTU (as recieved)
Why two BTU values?
8550 BTU/lb
Species Softwood
Bags Per Skid 50 bags
Skid Height 48" inches