Why wood pellets?

Whether you’re thinking of switching to wood pellets to save money on your heating bill, to reduce your carbon footprint, or to support our domestic economy, you’re doing your part to invest in a better, greener future!

See what our customers have to say about making the switch to wood pellets:

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Why pick up your pellets, when we’ll deliver them to your door?

Sometimes we hear from our customers that they’d rather pick up their pellets and haul them home themselves. Now, we’re all about a good workout… but we’d much rather be burning through some rolling hills on a road bike than schlepping bags of pellets from the store to the truck to the basement. If you’re of a similar mindset, break out that bike, and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you!

All of our delivery trucks are equipped with a forklift, so we can move whole skids off the truck and onto your driveway, leaving the weather-resistant packaging in tact. And if you need more precise placement, don’t worry – we offer pallet jack service in many areas. Our driver will use the jack to move your pallets into your garage or over any hard, flat surface, so your pellets are placed exactly where you want them.

Check out this video to see what our customers have to say about their delivery from WoodPellets.com.  And if you’d like to join the conversation, leave your comments below!

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Who ARE those Pellet Experts?

At WoodPellets.com, we pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality pellets at the best prices… with the BEST customer service around.

We base our service on a few simple ideas:

  • You want the best quality pellets. So we only work with manufacturers that have proven quality records, and we care for your pellets from the mill all the way to your driveway.
  • Your delivery should be convenient and secure. Our drivers know exactly how to take care of your pellets, and you can customize your delivery with our menu of service options.
  • You want value along with quality. We do some serious research on the pellets we bring to the market, and we’re talking about price as well as quality. Compare our BTU per dollar offerings, and we’re willing to bet you’re seeing some significant cost savings when you compare wood pellets to oil or propane!
  • We’re here for you. We can’t stand it when we call into some company with a question and end up playing that never-ending game of tag with the auto-attendant. So we answer our phones with real, live people who are ready to help you. And if we’re having an off day and your call happens to go to our voicemail – we’ll call you right back. Promise.

Meet WoodPellets.com president and CEO Jon Strimling, as he talks about his reasons for co-founding the company:

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