New Earth-Conscious Cat Litter Made from Upcycled Wood Fiber

Catalyst Healthy Cat is an innovative new product taking over the natural cat litter industry. Developed by the natural wood product experts at Lignetics – Catalyst is the only kitty litter engineered from upcycled soft wood fibers.

Major benefits of switching from clay to Catalyst:

–  Superior Odor Absorption
–  Great Clumping
–  Very Low Dust
–  Light Weight

Litter created with clean sawdust sourced from the lumber industry is not just ideal for the environment, but for cats and their owners too!

The bags are a convenient weight at just 10 pounds and are are available for a discount with a free subscription to make ordering automatic. Each bag lasts for one month per cat.

Soon, a multi-cat and unscented version will be added to the product line once the formulas have been perfected.

Click to learn more about Catalyst Heathy Cat’s green mission and cat litter options!


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