Wood Pellet Grilling Tips and Information

There are so many grilling tools on the market. What should I have on hand?

All of the BBQ options can get overwhelming – so just start with the basics. You’ll need a solid grill brush for cleanup, a heavy duty spatula, high quality tongs, meat thermometer, and a basting brush.

The test team at Wirecutter tested all these tools and more on 100 burgers, 20 chickens, and 10 pounds of vegetables on nine different grills over four days. Check out the results here.

After you’ve secured the essential bbq tools, you can always expand your collection! Grill baskets to avoid grate messes, meat claws for easy shredding, marinade injector for maximum flavor, and even a personalized branding iron are all popular choices.

I heard that you’re supposed to match the brand of BBQ pellets with the grill. Is this true?

This topic comes up a lot. Nate from Bear Mountain BBQ explains:

Very often, the pellet grill manufacturers instruct you to use their pellets, with some going so far as to state that failure to do so will void the warranty. Why? Well, there’s the obvious reason that they want you buy their pellets. However, it really has more to do with ensuring that the grill runs properly, and that starts with using quality pellets. The easiest way for pellet grill makers to guarantee you’re using good pellets is to have you use theirs, which they know meet the desired quality standards. They can’t make that guarantee about another brand of pellets.

Of course, it’s always best to use a high quality pellet produced by a reputable manufacturer. Most pellet grills can experience problems when fueled with low-quality cut-rate pellets that produce excessive ash. Make sure you purchase from a brand that you trust for the best grilling experience.

How are wood pellets flavored for grilling?

While we can’t speak for other brands, there are no additives used for Bear Mountain BBQ grilling pellets. They are created using basewood/fruitwood blends, perfected by experienced craftsmen over the years. This mix process allows the aroma and flavors of the various fruitwoods to shine, while providing a reliable, consistent burn performance throughout the product line.

Bear Mountain BBQ boasts a full range of grilling and smoking pellets that add a significant flavor boost. Hickory, for example, adds richness to steaks. Apple brings out the sweetness in pork. Cherry takes chicken beyond delicious. All using zero additives, zero binders and no bark — just pure, kiln dried hardwood for mouthwatering flavor.

Use any flavor of Bear Mountain BBQ wood pellets for your grilling and/or smoking. However, the following chart is a helpful guide on tried and true pair recommendations.

Bear Mountain BBQ Wood Pellet Flavor Grill Guide

How long does it take wood pellet grills to start up?

In terms of the actual pellets igniting, this is mostly dependent on the manufacturer and age of the grill. A newer grill will have a faster lighting time, but the average is around 3-5 minutes. There are a number of other factors that affect lighting time such as burn pot cleanliness, operation of the fan, and even the weather.

Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets: 5 Gourmet Flavors, USA Made, Shipped Free by Woodpellets.com