Use Different Wood Pellets Throughout the Season to Burn Strategically

The demand for wood pellets made from douglas fir wood fiber has been increasing in recent years, regardless of the higher price tag. These pellets have a significantly low ash content and a super hot heat output, making for an impressive burn experience.

See Chart >> Dry BTU Values by Wood Type

Pellets with a lower heat output are typically less expensive, while the ultra premium douglas fir wood pellets are far pricier. Many of our customers have been ordering multiple types of pellets for the heating season to coincide with the weather (saving the douglas fir wood pellets for the coldest parts of winter) which is a growing trend we refer to as “burning strategically”.

Average Monthly Temperatures in New England - Suggested Wood Pellet Burn Strategy

The above chart shows an example of a common customer strategy. He or she starts the season with Cleanfire Hardwood or Pacific, moving into Cleanfire Pacific as the temperature decreases, then burning Cleanfire Douglas Fir for the lowest temperature stretch, only to ease back into Pacific and/or Hardwood to finish out the heating season. The heat outputs coincide with the temperature, and the pricing is easier on the wallet for sure.

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