NEW 3-Ton Cleanfire Bundle for Strategic Wood Pellet Heating

NEW Power Pack 3 Ton Bundle!Due to a growing trend of pellet stove owners mixing and matching fuel orders to create a strategic burning strategy, we have created a new money-saving bundle – THE POWER PACK! This special 3-ton Cleanfire pack consists of 1 ton of Cleanfire Douglas Fir, and 2 tons of Cleanfire Pacific bundled together for a discounted price.

What’s a strategic burning strategy? Instead of sticking with just one type of wood pellet, folks are burning pellets with a higher heat output during the coldest months of the heating season, and burning pellets with a lesser heat output (and a typically lower price tag) in the early season and late season months.

Buzz about the extremely hot heat output of wood pellets made of 100% douglas fir has been spreading over the last couple of years. Many customers have started to incorporate our super-hot, low-ash Cleanfire Douglas Fir Wood Pellets into their burning strategy. This “Cadillac of Wood Pellets” is saved for the bitter cold months, and the always reliable Cleanfire Pacific is burned during the rest of the season.

Is the Cleanfire Power Pack right for you? Call 1-800-PELLETS or visit to learn more!



*Pricing and availability vary by region. 


  1. mutility Author June 25, 2018 (3:44 pm)

    How much? I love the cleanfire and bought some last year.I already have 7.5 tons of the graules lg for sept delivery.Wish I would have known about the power pack back then

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  2. Bobby Author July 28, 2018 (11:55 pm)

    I don’t see this advertised on your site for my area. You sell Douglas Fir. You sell Pacific. I only have the option to buy either of them in 1.5 ton increments- there is no advertised package deal.

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