$50 for Every Referral!

Woodpellets.com Referral Program

Only through December 15th, you can get DOUBLE the Pelletbucks for you and the person you refer to Woodpellets.com!* For each successful referral, you will get $50 added to your account, and your friend will get $50 off their first order if it’s placed by December 15th!*

Once your friend’s first order is delivered, you will automatically be credited $50 for your next order. So, if you’re happy with our service, our products and our convenient delivery…share the pellet love!

Click Here for a Printable Sheet of Referral Cards! 

Here’s an example: Woody is a current Woodpellets.com customer, and his neighbor Wilma is not a customer yet.

1. Woody tells Wilma about the convenient delivery options, the variety of high quality wood pellets available, and the expert customer support at Woodpellets.com. He tells her she’ll love it, and she will get $50 off her first delivery if she mentions his name.

2. Wilma calls 1-800-735-5387 by December 15th to speak to one of the Woodpellets.com experts. After a conversation about what she’s looking for, and what kind of delivery she needs, Wilma exclaims, “Woody referred me!”

3. Wilma receives a $50 discount on her order.

4. When her order is delivered, Woody’s Woodpellets.com account is automatically credited $50!

It’s as simple as that! And another thing…there is no limit on the amount of referral credits you can receive. Questions? Call us at 1-800-735-5387.


*Customer must mention referrer’s name at the time of order for both parties to receive credit. Not valid on pickup orders. $50 bonus only valid on referrals made between 11/9/17 and 12/15/17.

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