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We tagged along with Rob (one of our NH drivers) on a 1-ton Value delivery of Cleanfire Wood Bricks. You’ll see in the video below that the forklift is mounted on the back of the truck, which parks in the road. The driver lowers it down to the ground, uses it to remove the fuel from the truck, and then drives it up the driveway to place the pallet where he’s instructed.

The video below shows the entire delivery, and is a great example of a seamless experience. Knowing his wood bricks would be dropped off that morning, the home-owner moved his car out of the way to keep the path clear for Rob. At the time of ordering, he requested the pallet to be placed in the driveway, about 10 feet in front of the shed.

As you can see, the customer isn’t present for this driveway delivery. As long as your instructions are clear, and you let us know exactly where you’d like your fuel, our driver can handle it in most situations without your physical presence. Our driver will do everything possible to safely deliver your pallets where you want them. Of course, we have your contact information in case something comes up.

Woodpellets.comIf you’re not going to be there, but you have a very specific placement requirement – mark it. Use a sign, chalk, tape or even an overturned trashcan – and let us know your placement indicator. The picture on the left is from a very clear, very specific past delivery!

When thinking of where you’d like your pallets placed – keep in mind that the forklift is over 8 feet wide, with the highest point at 8 feet tall. Also, due to the heavy weight of the load and the forklift itself, it can’t be driven across any leach fields, sprinkler lines, or soft lawn/mud.

For a garage delivery, you’ll need to clear the way in both the driveway and the garage. A pallet jack is used to move your pallets inside of the garage. While smaller than the forklift, is still a heavy-duty piece of equipment, moving a 4-foot wide pallet of fuel. Make sure all the stuff that tends to accumulate in the garage is cleared out of the path of your fuel’s final destination. See our quick video below, which shows a garage delivery in action!

We are always ready to answer any questions you have. Please give us a call at 1-800-PELLETS to speak to a pellet expert, or visit our website: for more information. 

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