Helpful Customer Ideas for Repurposing Wooden Pallets

Whether you order in increments of 50 wood pellet bags (1 ton) or 75 bags (1.5 tons) – they will be delivered on wooden pallets. Recently, we asked our customers to submit photos to our Facebook page of how they reuse their pallets and wood pellet bags for a chance to win a free delivery voucher. Check out our favorites below!

Long Outdoor Table: Todd, a customer from New York, explained: “We needed a table for a get together. Rather than buying more wood, I used left over studs for the frame, and pallet wood around it.”

Stair Gate: Bonnie from New Hampshire says “This is one of 3. I have a very resourceful husband to go with my very curious puppy”.

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Outdoor Pallet Bar

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Do you have any wood pallet repurposing projects to tell us about? Please go to our Facebook page to share with us!

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