NY Horse Rescue Puts Wood Pellet Bedding to Good Use

Did you know that softwood pellets can be used as horse bedding? Horse bedding is used in stalls to absorb urine and moisture, and is a necessary part of properly maintaining clean stalls. Wood shavings are commonly used, but softwood pellet bedding is becoming popular among experienced horse and stable owners. Earlier this month, Woodpellets.com was proud to donate Cleanfire Pacific wood pellets to the NY-based nonprofit, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue.

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Five years ago, Deanna Mancuso founded the LOHR in order to provide a sanctuary for unwanted, abused and neglected horses. But the mission of her team goes beyond rescue, rehabilitation and care – because the horses go on to help people.  Lucky Orphans’ EAGALA certified team offers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for those struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental or emotional struggles. Deanna explained, “Donations like these wood pellets are really a donation to the community, because you’re helping the horses that are serving such a huge purpose in the community”.

HorseRescueCurrently, Lucky Orphans Rescue has 52 permanent resident horses, and uses only wood pellets as stall bedding.  According to Deanna, she’s found that using the pellets instead of wood shavings has proven to be the most economical and efficient. “Shavings feel so wasteful because you have to dispose of so much more of it when you’re cleaning a stall” she explained. Because wood pellets are made of densely compacted kiln-dried wood fibers, they quickly soak up moisture. This super-absorbent consistency keeps liquids constrained to smaller spots – which are easier to locate and remove.

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If you’re interested in wood pellet animal bedding, call 1-800-PELLETS to speak to an expert! If you’d like to learn more about the Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, click here.


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