How to Make Fire-Starters from Wood Pellet Fiber

As you might know, wood pellets turn to sawdust when water is applied, because they absorb moisture immediately. Did you have a damaged bag that let in some snow or rain? Did you use your wood pellets as ice melt, and now you have a bunch of clean leftover sawdust? Put it to good use!

The video above shows how to turn the natural fibers that make up wood pellets into fire-starters for your firepit or fireplace! (NOT your pellet stove!) You only need a few things for this project, and not much time.

What You’ll Need:

  • Softwood Wood Pellets
  • Empty Paper Egg Carton
  • Scissors
  • Wax Candles or Flakes

First, spread your sawdust out on a paper towel to let them dry out completely. While that’s happening, set up a double boiler system to melt your flaked wax, or to get the leftover wax melted from old candles. Be sure to take caution! See the video below for instructions on how to do this.

Sprinkle your dried wood fiber evenly into each cup in an empty paper egg carton, almost all the way to the top. Once your wax is liquified, carefully pour the hot wax into each cup to the brim right away.

FireStartersWait a few minutes for the wax to cool a bit, then use a spoon to squish the mixtures down. Once that’s completely cooled, cut each egg cup to make individual fire-starters!


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