How to Spook Up Your Decor Using Wood Pallets

Wood Pallet Repurpose Project for Halloween DecorationThe leaves are changing, the days are shorter, the air is crisp, and costumes are flying off shelves. We like to call this time of year HeArTh-O-wEeN! Lots of spooky decorations are everywhere, but did you know you can use that your leftover wood pallets from your delivery to really kick it up a notch?

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Here’s a new one – an Underground Dungeon Illusion! You only need a little time and a few provisions to make it.

What You’ll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Wood Pallet
  • Monster Hands
  • Waterproof Led Lights

Find a space in your garden or lawn where you don’t mind disturbing the ground. Ideally, you’ll have it near your home’s walkway so more visitors can be easily spooked! Of course, don’t situate it too close to where people walk – so the scary illusion works even better.

All you have to do is dig down about 6 inches deep in the shape of your pallet – which is typically 40 inches by 48 inches. Make sure to take measurements first, so you don’t dig more than you need to.

Load up your waterproof, outdoor-safe led lights inside the pallet. Try and find some in an eery color like red, murky green or even purple! If your lights aren’t battery-operated, make sure your cord is threaded through the boards inconspicuously before you lower your light ready pallet down into the space you’ve made in the ground.

Cover up the pallet edges with dirt to get it even with the ground surface. Place your monster hands in the slats to make it look like your monster is trapped and trying to escape…and you’re done!

Happy Hearthoween!