Farmers’ Almanac 2016-17 Weather Predictions Are In
Shoveling snow wasn’t much of a bother last year, heating bills were much lower, and December was the warmest on record for the lower 48 states. The year ended pretty wet too – with 86 percent of the U.S experiencing above-normal precipitation. However according to the 2016-17 Farmers’ Almanac, the nice reprieve we enjoyed last year is over…and winter is making a big comeback. 

2017FarmerAlmanacPredictions for this year include warnings of exceptionally cold, frigid weather which will predominate over parts of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England this winter.

The long-range weather predictions also forewarn of very cold weather spurts that could reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Longtime readers claim the Farmers’ Almanac prediction reports are about 80-85% accurate. Still have doubts? Take a look at their long list of accurate past predictions, here.

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