Spring Break DIY – How to Make an Empty Wood Pellet Bag into a Kite

Spring DIY Projects by Woodpellets.comDid you ever see our post on how to reuse empty wood pellet bags? Well here’s a brand new DIY project, just in time for the kids being home all week for Spring break. It’s also just in time for warmer weather coming our way!

This post will show you the simple steps on how to make a kite out of an empty wood pellet bag.

What You’ll Need:
-1 Empty Wood Pellet Bag
-2 Sticks or Bamboo Skewers
-Twine, String or Cording
-Markers, Stickers, Embellishments

The entire project, not including decorating the kite, should take less than thirty minutes. Be sure that any kid helpers are always supervised by an adult, because this DIY involves plastic bags and scissors.


Woodpellets.com DIY ProjectFirst, begin with a completely empty pellet bag. Shake out any excess dust, and fold it in half horizontally. Check that the bag is flat and evenly folded with the closure seam left, and the bag’s bottom on the right.

Using your scissors, cut at a 45 degree angle from the right folded side, in toward the center of the folded pellet bag. Stop a couple inches from the edge, and continue cutting left, straight across toward the original top of the bag. Stop the cut a few inches from the seam, and cut straight down toward the fold, as pictured.

You’ll now have two identical kite shapes. If you’re only making one today, just put all the plastic scraps and the extra kite shape aside for now. Don’t throw anything away yet!

Here’s where the kids can jump in to personalize the kite to their liking! Markers, stickers and anything that’s lightweight enough to not weigh the kite down will make this DIY really fun! Please share your custom kites with us through our Facebook page!

While the decorating is underway, break two sticks or cut bamboo skewers to size for the kite. One stick should be as long as the length of the kite, from top to bottom. The other stick should be a little bit wider than the width of the kite, from right to left. 

Spring Projects by Woodpellets.comOnce the kite is free from the decorating session, tape the top to bottom stick to both ends, making sure the plastic is pulled tightly. Tape the other stick over the first stick, leaving the same length of overhang on each side. Tape the two sticks together where they cross.

Cut the extra pieces of plastic into strips, and tie them together. This will be your kite’s tail. Add other colors of plastic scraps tied together, or ribbon for extra flair, if you’d like!

Tape the tail over the very end of the bottom stick. Make two small holes just above where the tail tape ends. Make two more small holes just above the top of the crossed sticks, on either side of the middle stick.

Now you’ll be making the “bridle” of the kite, which will connect to your control string. Cut a piece of your string to measure 12 inches in length. Push one end through the holes at intersecting sticks, and tie firmly. Do the same with the other end by the tail.

If your DIY is happening inside, take the almost completed kite outside for a moment. Hold the bridle string between your thumb and finger, so that the kite tries to fly from your hand. Start in the middle of the bridle and gradually move your fingers up toward the intersection. At some point during your test, the angle will be right and the kite will fly best. This is where you’ll tie your bridle to your control string, which should be about 15 feet in length for best results.

Everyone head outside when it’s windy, throw the new pellet bag kite into the air, and pull the string as if you’re casting a fishing line. Extend the string while doing this. You may need to give it some help to get into the air by running a little. Watch where you’re going so no one trips, and have fun!

This could be a great group activity for a kid’s party. Simply prepare the kites ahead of time and lay out decorating materials. Let the party attendees customize their own kites then try them all out together! Happy Spring and happy flying!

If you try this easy DIY, please share your creations with on the Woodpellets.com Facebook page!