How to Safely Hand-Stack Wood Pellet Bags in a Limited Space

Safely Store Wood Pellet Bags in Small Spaces

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Dimensions of Wood Pellet Bags and Pallets

A skid, a pallet of stacked wood pellet bags, is 48 by 40 inches. A 1-ton skid of fifty 40-pound bags is about four feet tall, and a 1.5-ton skid of 75 bags is about six feet tall.

You might have enough space available to keep the pellet bags on the pallet just as they were delivered. If you only have a smaller space available, or the 48×40 inch dimensions are inconvenient to you – re-stacking the wood pellet bags by hand is your best bet to maximize limited space.

The approximate length, width and height of a standard 40 pound bag of pellets placed horizontally on the floor is 27 x 18 x 5 inches. These measurements can adjust a bit with some maneuvering of the pellets within the bag.

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Stacking Wood Pellet Bags in a Small Space

We successfully placed 3 whole tons of wood pellets (150 bags) in a 6 foot wide space using a very simple hand-stacking technique, described below.

Hand Stacking Wood Pellet Bags in a Small SpaceStart by laying down a few layers of cardboard in case water is spilled nearby. Each layer will be reversed in formation, but will have the same layout of 5 bags vertical and 4 bags horizontal.

The five vertical bags fit the six foot width, but the 4 horizontal bags will need some maneuvering. You can push these bags a little closer together to get them to lay at the same width as the vertical bags.

The next layer is the same formation – but with the five bags in front and the four in back. With each bag placement, make sure to smooth out each bag to make a flatter surface for the next layer.

Also, it’s a good idea to mold the bags in the front for a little more bulk. By building the front row a little higher (bulkier), the stack will lean a bit towards the wall in order to avoid the risk of toppling over.

Seventeen of these 9-bag layers (except for the top layer of 6) will make up the full 3 tons of pellets.

Do you have any pellet stacking techniques to share? We’d love to hear them!

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