Your Pellets Should Be Ordered by the Time You See These 5 Things

It’s completely up to you to decide when you want to place your wood pellet and/or wood brick order. However – do you want to have a quicker turnaroundĀ between your order date and delivery date? Do you want to be prepared for that first time you need to fire up your stove? If your answer is “yes” to either of those questions – take a look at our list below.

Here are five common signs that you’ll start to see around the time when your fuel order should be (or should’ve already been) placed.

1. Summer Clearance Sales


Are you seeing slashed prices on all the things you’ve been using over the summer? Stores are beginning to get rid of shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, coolers, beach towels, patio furniture and anything else meant for fun in the sun. On the bright side – it’s a great time to stock up for next summer!

Warm weather is on the way out – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


2. Mums/Rakes/Leaf-Blowers


Goodbye to mulch bags and delicate flowers. Hearty mums are the autumnal staple for front porches, and you’re seeing them available for sale everywhere.

Rakes have replaced beach toys up front and center of stores, in anticipation of the first fallen leaf. Lawn mowers are pushed back to make room for leaf-blowers.

The cold is coming – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


3. Back-to-School SuppliesĀ 

signs1Colorful pens, shiny new folders and the never-ending array of backpacks are on display almostĀ everywhereĀ you turn. If you’re not in the store actually seeing the supplies, you’re reading about them in mailers and hearing about them on the radio and on your television.

The start of school is approaching – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


4. Commercials for TV Shows

signs1Your weekly shows have been on hiatus since spring. That’s okay though- because you’ve been busy with other things all season.

Now, all your favorite network shows are returning soon – and the commercials promoting them (and new ones) are relentless.

You finally know the fall premiere date of your beloved shows – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


5. Pumpkin Flavor

signs1In line for your morning coffee – the smell of pumpkin spice hits you as you approach the counter towards all the pumpkin-flavored coffee, muffins, bagels, and donuts you could ever need.

Later that night, your menu is covered with pumpkin beer promotions. Where will it stop?

You can get pumpkin flavored anything – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


So…have you placed your fuel order yet? We can help with that.

Order your wood pellets online, or speak to an expert by calling 1-800-735-5387.