Compressed Wood Bricks: Safe for Camp Sites and Great for Bonfires

Summer is the season for camping and bonfires – and it’s nearly upon us. But before you start packing up firewood for your camping trip – think again. Most camp sites do not allow firewood to be brought from outside sources.Ā This is because firewood can transport insects such as wasps, ants and beetles that can hurt trees and spread disease. According to Don’t Move Firewood;

Tree-killing insects and diseases can lurk in firewood. These insects and diseases can’t move far on their own, but when people move firewood they can jump hundreds of miles. New infestations destroy our forests, property values, and cost huge sums of money to control.

So what should you do? Calling the campsite ahead of time to check what the rules are is a great first step. If the site allows local firewood to be brought in – just ask what the requirements are. You might just have to buy firewood that is sold close to where you’re camping. Make sure to ask where it’s from when you’re buying it. If the seller is unsure – you shouldn’t risk it.

Cleanfire Wood Bricks: A convenient cord wood alternative with a higher heat output.An easy solution is to bring compressed wood bricks to your campsite.Ā Made of kiln-dried, super-condensed recycled hardwood wood chips and sawdust, wood bricks produce clean-burning, super-hot heat. Typically bundled in shrink-wrapped package of 15 to 20 bricks – theyĀ are allowed at campsites and are great for campfires. The wood bricks light easily, burn clean and burn hot.

During any burning process, the energy is released as heat and light. Wood bricks release much more energy asĀ heatĀ instead of light, which maximizes the heat output generated because no energy is wasted onĀ lightĀ output from flames.

After some time burning, the wood bricks expand, the flame lessens, and high amounts of heat is released.Ā The super-hot ash bed (which is perfect for cooking food and sā€™mores over) from burning bricks puts out more heat than a log on fire!

Check out this quick video of a bonfire started using Cleanfire Wood Bricks:

To light your wood brick bonfire, make a kindling and bricks tee-pee arrangement as shown in the video. CleanfireĀ Wood BricksĀ are sold exclusively by!Ā Call 1-800-735-5387 to speak to an expert, orĀ buy wood bricks online.Ā 

Let us know how your s’mores come out! Below you’ll find a bonus recipe for your consideration.

3-Step S’mor-eos

Campfire SmoreosIngredients: Marshmallows, Milk Chocolate Bars, Oreo Cookies

1. Toast a marshmallow to your liking over your campsite-safe bonfire.

2. Twist open an Oreo cookie, add milk chocolate bar pieces

3. Stack toasted marshmallow on top and replace the top.