Special, Lighter (30 Lb.) Wood Pellet Bags Growing in Popularity

30lb Lighter Bags of Wood Pellets

Do you have a long distance from where your pellets are kept to your stove? Did you get driveway delivery instead of garage delivery, and you have to manually move bags inside? Or, do you just find the regular 40-pound bags to be heavy?

Wood pellet brands are starting to branch out into making 30 pound bags available – which are 25% lighter than the standard weight bags. This might not sound like much of a difference to some people, but the ten pound difference per bag really adds up when stacking or moving bags inside near your stove.

30lb Bags of LG Wood Pellets Standard weight wood pellet bags are sold with 50 bags on each one ton pallet, which stand about four feet tall. The 30-pound bags are sold by the ton with 66 bags per pallet, which stands about five feet tall.* (See image for comparison.)

All wood pellets are stacked and wrapped on top of wooden pallets, which are 40 by 48 inches.

For example, Granules LG (a popular 100% softwood pellet) is bagged in both standard and 30-pound weight bags. Manufactured from Black Spruce and Grey Pine at a state-of-the-art pellet mill in Quebec, Granules LG boast an average of only .39% ash, 6.5% moisture, and a very hot 8200 BTU/lb heat output. While not all pellet brands are not available in both bag weights, this demonstrates that it is possible to buy pellets in the lighter bags – while still getting a premium quality, hot pellet.

If you are interested in trying  the easier to handle 30-pound bags of Granules LG wood pellets, they are available in most Woodpellets.com service areas! These special bags are just $10 more per ton, and only available for purchase by phone. Call 1-800-PELLETS to check availability. 

*The smaller Granules LG bags are 30.3lbs each, and sold by the ton. Standard 40lb Granules LG bags are only available in pallets of 1.5 tons. Pricing and availability vary by region. To see if Granules LG is available in your area, simply enter your zip code at Woodpellets.com

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    Looking for low ash softwood 20 lb. (or max 30 lb) bags of pellets delivered. Thanks- Meredith

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