A Pellet Savings Plan with Even More Benefits

Woodpellets.comYour home’s heating fuel cost is typically one of your largest annual expenditures. The Flex Savings Plan is a simple way to stretch your annual fuel cost out over many months – and avoid the financial stress of a large lump sum payment. The Flex Savings Plan was created to help our customers budget this large annual expense – and it’s completely free.

The plan works by automatically making a monthly deposit using an electronic check or credit card into your Woodpellets.com account, in any amount you are comfortable with. Each deposit is added to your account as credit to use on your next purchase. And when you are ready to order, your accumulated credit amount will be deducted from your order balance.

Wood Pellet Budget Savings PlanThe graph on the left shows an example of a typical Flex Savings Plan. This consumer enrolled in February and decided to deposit $100 over nine months to use towards their Fall order. Come October, this consumer will have managed to save $900 in credit towards their order!

Remember, you are not placing your order when you enroll in the Flex Savings Plan; and it’s your decision how long you wish to remain enrolled. Whether you’ve deposited $100 or $1000 – you can order at any time. How much credit you want to accumulate is up to you entirely.  Whenever you’re ready…we’re ready.

We named this program the Flex Savings Plan for a reason…it’s flexible.


Flex Savings Plan Fast Facts:

  • The minimum amount to participate in this Flex Savings Plan is $25 a month.
  • Email payment confirmations will get sent immediately following any payment.
  • Monthly payment amount can be adjusted at any time.
  • Order whenever you’re ready. Your accumulated balance will be automatically applied.
  • You may opt out at any time.
  • All orders using Flex Savings Plan credits must be paid in full at the time the order is placed; future Flex Savings Plan payments cannot be applied to an existing order.
  • May be used for both wood pellet and wood brick orders.
  • A 5% electronic handling charge will be applied to refunds on credit balances.
  • Enrollment is simple. Just call 1-800-PELLETS to sign up!

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and the Terms and Conditions. Give our experts a call at 1-800-735-5387 if you have questions, or want to get started. We look forward to helping you save.



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