Pellet Stove Problem Questions – Answered by a Professional Stove Technician

I Keep Getting Clinkers in My Burn Pot. What is Causing This?

PelletStoveClinkerClinkers, which look like clumps of ash, can cause airflow issues from blockage. Clinkers are formed by burned or partially burned pellets that melt together into a clump.

There are two likely reasons for clinkers – a poor air mixture which due to a neglected or dity unit, or incorrect air adjustments.

My Pellet Stove Won’t Ignite.

There are a variety of reasons for your pellet stove failing to light.  The most common reasons – bad air flow, a dirty unit, bad igniter, blown fuse, bad gasket around igniter – could be easily avoided with regular maintenance and professional inspections.

The Heat Isn’t As Hot As It Should Be.

Not feeling the heat you were expecting can be frustrating. The most likely culprits for this issue are – a dirty unit blocking proper airflow, a neglected/dirty heat exchanger, and incorrect blower settings. If none of these are the cause, and you purchased your fuel from, give our Quality Control Manager a call to walk you through what’s happening.

Pellet Stove Service and InspectionsMy Stove Keeps Shutting Down

Many newer units will flash a light on the unit, and will give a reason on the screen for the shut down. You may have noticed the common causes for most pellet stove problems by now – a dirty unit, and poor air adjustment which won’t provide enough heat to trip the sensors. Also, your pellets might not being feeding into the auger correctly, due to a worn down or broken part.

My Flame is Very Lazy

If your flame is weak, or “lazy”, you’re not getting the heat you need and your stove might shut down. This problem is most likely caused by a bad or weak blower exhaust, poor air adjustments, or an uncleaned/neglected pellet stove.




    I have a ravelli pellet stove, it gives me an error of… smoke sensor… we cleaned the stove and replaced the sensor, but still will not stay lit, and gives the same error. How can I fix it?

    • Cheryl Allan

      Hi Elizabeth we are looking at buying Ravelli dual 7 it self cleans has digital screen remote control, do you think they are worth buying or are faulty as the cost is thousands of dollars Ive been trying to find reviews to see if its bad investment?
      From cheryl

  • Jazmin

    I have a ” US Stove 5660 48,000-BTUs 200-CFM 2,200-Sq.Ft. Large Automatic Bay Front Pellet Stove” and the air flow is not working right. It is not burning the pellets the way it should. We clean it eveyday & we take care of it really well. How would we go about fixing this?

  • Joe ewing

    Can the flue connect to hot water flue

  • Christina

    This is my first pellet stove. I’m getting a lot of partially burned pellets in my firepot and it’s overflowing. The trim is confusing to me. My handbook says if it’s lazy flame, or sooty turn it down. If it goes out or doesn’t ignite properly turn it up. Which is more air? What should I did to prevent overflow and waste?

  • Libby Licwov

    My pellet stove makes a vibrating sound but there is no movement in it

  • fed up with morons

    My pellet stove shows a “U” on the blower speed. We changed the igniter and it still does not start. Any suggestions as to why?

  • Jim

    My Harmon Accentra stopped and left the house smelling like hot wires and no power to the control panel. It is 11 years old. My circuit is fine for the stove.

  • Tamara Wishon

    i have an old waterford erin renaissance pellet stove i just bought.I cleaned everything started it ,it burns fine but leaves black soot on the glass right away and is blowing an exhaust smell into the house so bad i have to shut it off.i replaced the gasket ring on the burn pot but still no change.and i made sure it was seated well in the burn pot hole in the back.I’m out of ideas.

  • Donna J Allison

    pellet stove pellets do not go all the way down.. ash builds up (cleaned it) but, does it again and the flame goes out .. any ideas on what is wrong?

  • Stefanie Davis

    I vacuum my pellet stove out each time befor I use it. For the last 2 months it seems to be over feeding, it gets alot of pellets in the fire bin, then smokes out my house and some times it lites other times it doesn’t. If I open the front door and suck the smoke out and some of the pellets then it lites and works fine. What could be causing this

  • Bj chiodi

    On windy days my pellet stove has wicked backdraft I have my exhaust in a prevailing wind area will anything help this so I don’t have to shut it off on windy days

  • Phil

    Hi. On my extra flame unit I keep getting the mechanical depression sensor alarm. Even when fully loaded with pellets.

  • TISH348

    I turned my pellet stove off while it was still burning and now the pellets in the chute look like tar. Why is that

  • John Koziol

    I keep blowing the fuse on the control board. About 10 seconds after i turn the power on the fuse blows. Any ideas?

  • john

    My flames are not consistent it’s start low has expected and then it stay were it should and goes back low I this normal?

  • Trish

    I have a Kozi 100 Pellet Stove and when I turn it on it shuts down after about 30 to 40 seconds later. Does any one know why? What I may have to replace? So, far I have replaced the control panel, thermo disk, and start switch.

    • Chad

      Did you ever get an answer. My stove is doing the same thing.

  • Robbie

    I’ve an extraflame stove which seems to have developed an issue igniting . I replaced the ignition. Works fine heating up but just won’t ignite the pellets ! Airflow is fine I’ll cleaned & no blockage. At a loss

  • Gary Halley

    My st crox pellet stove blows cold air then shuts off after less then a minute

  • Danielle

    My electric pellet stove keeps turning off and I have to turn it back on for blower and heat element to come back on

  • Amy Mullenax

    I have a 1994 breckwell pellet stove it wont light. I light it and drops pellets and tries to light but wont stay going.. could thus be a fuse?

  • Bob Gregory

    correct air adjustments.? How do I know when I have the correct air adjustment for my Kozi pellet stove

  • Craig Bowlsby

    How long should pellet stove operate with the high limit switch bypassed, I have replaced the vacuum switch and when I try to turn it on the #4 light on control board lights up and stove doesn’t work, I bypassed the limit switch and it runs for about ten minutes then shuts down ? Thanks for your advice

  • Jessica Rodrigues

    Why does my pellet stove take forever to shut off so it can be cleaned?

  • David VanHoute

    My Vogelzang stove shut down with a E3 code . I cleaned it tried to start it and it runs for about a minute. It starts to fill the burn pot and shuts down with an E2 code. Any ideas why?

  • JeffRey John Daniel

    Pelet stove turning on by itself when thermostat is in off position. Bad thermostat? Or other issue?? Any one have any ideas?? Please help

  • Robert Tompkins

    I have a king pellet stove and my igniter stays on and it burned out is it supposed to be on all the time if not what could the problem be

  • Joanne filippi

    I have issues with harman pellet stove

  • Joanne filippi

    I think it is control board issues. On last burn made strange noises and smelled?? Like burning rubber. Now when turn stove on the combustion fan comes on right away. All things work except ignition. Had a service guy new igniter didn’t do anything. ?? Could it be just a fuse. My stove is ? 20 years old

  • Jackie pavlicek

    King peeled stove model 5500M Why when i turn on pellet stove it runs to the normal run and then shuts off and will not turn on unles you unplug and plug back in??

  • Kevon James Fansler

    I have a magnum 3500 when I start it the auger runs. After about 5-10 minutes all the fans are still running however the auger will shut off. If I turn the unit off (without unplugging it) then dial it back on the auger motor kicks back on.

  • Brian harding

    Mytimberwolf pellet stove will not feed. I jumped the vaccum swith and it works. Replaced the vacuum switch . But still does not work. Looking where to turn next

    • Fraser Davis

      check to see if you have a “fines box” Same thing happened to me. When jumping the vacuum switch it ran. Replaced the switch, still nothing. Emptied the fines box and started right up.

      • Brian harding

        What is the fines box

  • Michele Collins

    My King pellet stove model kp130 will start up slowly also putting way too many pellets in. But then go to shut down saying Er-11. We just got the thing few weeks ago and ran fine.

  • Jessica

    Have a ravelli rv100 it ignites but the room blower never turns on , it’s only three years old . Can’t seem to figure out why it’s not working

  • Elzie

    Igniter light is flashing even though the pellet stove is fired up than the fire will go out

  • Keith

    I have an error code 5 on a King Pellet stove KP130 which says blown auger output fuse. Where is the fuse located at

  • Ken Gallagher

    I have a King Pellet stove KP130 and it take to long to ignite are it will not lite at all

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