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If you have a wood pellet stove, by this time you have either bought your pellets, or at least thought about it (we hope). Our phones have been ringing steadily and our hours have extended, which means the heating season is quickly approaching. We have been happy to hear from many new people this year, and of course we’re thrilled to be catching up with our past/repeat customers as well. During our high call volume, we have been hearing and experiencing a lot of the same things, which we’d like to address:

1. A Need for Information: We are getting calls from many new pellet stove owners with many questions about the best kind of wood pellets, the difference between hardwood and softwood, ash content importance, etc. Every person that answers the phone at Woodpellets.com is a wood pellet fuel expert. You won’t be transferred to another department in order to talk to someone who knows about pellets, and you will certainly not be rushed off the line. We completely understand that you might have a lot of questions, and we are all happy and ready to provide you with honest, helpful answers. Most members of our team are either pellet stove owners, or have owned a pellet stove in the past – so we’ve probably had similar questions at one point.

Pallets of Wood Pellets, Ready for Delivery2. Questions About Supply: Because many companies are sold out or running low already, many folks are worried about our supply. We can let you in some insider inventory information to ease any anxiety – we have plenty of wood pellets. At any given time, we have considerably more pellets on hand or on the way from our mills than our customers have ordered from us. Even during the massive shortage earlier this year, we never ran out of fuel. Yes, we had to ration a little at times, and our lead times fluctuated, but we never sold out throughout the whole frenzy. Furthermore, we did not take advantage of the high demand by raising prices during the shortage, and we made it as easy as we could for everyone to have the heat they needed.

Woodpellets.com has long-standing, solid relationships and contracts with our wood pellet mills. This means that we have a secure, consistent supply of wood pellets. You do not have to worry about placing an order, and then being denied your pellets later. Also, to further ease your mind, we do not charge your card on the day of your order. We only charge it when your delivery has been scheduled by our logistics team.

3. Doubts Due to Lead Time: As always, pricing and delivery time fluctuates by region. We set our expected delivery times based on our ability to reasonably meet your expectations. For any individual order, you’ll get an expected timeframe for delivery. The time between when you order and receive your pellets can depend on how early you placed your order, what type(s) of pellets you ordered, and the amount of orders we’ve received near you. For the most part, we deliver pellets in the order people make their purchases. Many new pellet stove owners have asked about our supply when we say their pellets can’t be delivered the next day. It’s a great question to ask. Since our supply is strong, if you see a longer time to deliver than you expected, it most likely means that lots of your friends and neighbors have already placed orders and we’re diligently working on delivering their (and your!) orders.

We are Woodpellets.com. We make it easy to get the best pellets easily and reliably. We are real people on the line, waiting to provide you with expert, friendly service. We are trained and ready to answer any questions you have, we are here to provide you with convenient delivery options, and to help you heat your home with 100% Quality Guaranteed wood pellets. Wood pellets is our business – it’s what we do.

Give us a call at 1-800-735-5387 or order online to secure your fuel for the 2014-15 heating season. We are ready and able to serve you.​

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