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St. Croix Afton Bay Pellet Stove

The Afton Bay stove captures the style of traditional fireplaces, while adopting all the efficiencies of modern pellet stoves. With a large viewing area and easy-cleaning features, you can soak in the view and the fire from all angles. Three panes of glass, timeless design and smooth operation—it’s easy to see that the Afton Bay has a fresh, clear perspective on traditional heat.


Model:   Afton Bay
Fuel:   Pellets Thermostat:   Optional
Capacity:   1800 sq. ft. Efficiency:   --
Max BTU:   -- Hopper Size   65 pounds
Type:   Stove Width:   25"
Style:   Traditional Height:   31"
Construction:   Cast Iron Depth:   23"
Ignition Type:   Automatic Weight:   285 lbs
Colors:   Black


Digital Controls

St. Croix multi-fuel and pellet stoves come equipped with touch pad digital controls that allow you to maintain a consistent, even room temperature. The control hides out of view when it’s not in use. Multi-fuel stoves also feature the St. Croix SureFire system, which gives you optimum combustion no matter what temperature you’ve set. Pellet stoves offer a similar feature—the St. Croix SmartStat system—which gives you the convenience of hands-off temperature control. Plus, all pellet stove models offer automatic lighting and relighting.

VersaGrate Cleaning System

All pellet stoves feature the self-cleaning VersaGrate system that allows the burning of a variety of pellet fuels. The grate scraper lets you easily clear away any residual ash into the convenient front ash drawer. That means you can burn your stove for extended periods between cleanings.

Easy to Fill Hopper

Hopper capacities on St. Croix stoves range from 35 lbs. in the Lancaster to 90 lbs. in the Auburn, which means you can get a pellet or multi-fuel stove that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle. All units have top-loading hoppers so you can quickly and easily add fuel to the fire.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The stainless steel heat exchanger is made of the highest-quality, corrosion-resistant metal, and the built-in tube scraper makes cleaning it quick and easy.

Durable, Ceramic Glass

All St. Croix models are made with durable, ceramic glass that not only allows you a clear view of the fire, but also makes the stoves safe for your home.

Front Access Ash & Clinker Removal System

With the convenient and accessible front ash drawer available on all multi-fuel stoves, you can easily clear away any residual ash to clean your stove quickly. The St. Croix clinker removal system for multi-fuel stoves allows you to remove clinkers while the stove is running, which eliminates the need for complex stirr

Additional Features:

Accents available in three customer finishes, Charcoal, Nickel and Brass

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