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Harman PC45 Pellet Stove

The Harman PC 45 is first and foremost a state-of-the-art corn burning stove. The engine is specifically designed for burning corn. If the customer desires, a different burn pot that is designed for burning pellets can be installed without tools.

Harman’s research showed that some form of agitator was required in order to break the 40,000 BTU per hour threshold. Corn melts and fuses as it burns, forming partially burned clinkers. If the burning corn is agitated, these clinkers are broken up to allow more complete burning. The corn ash that is ejected into the ash pan by the PC 45 is more completely burned than other corn stoves. Oyster shells or some other additive are not required.

The stove is designed to have the longest between-cleaning interval in the industry. While other corn stoves plug, clog, or go out in a matter of hours or at best days, the PC 45 is capable of burning for one to two weeks, depending on the corn’s moisture content and physical properties. In r


Model:   PC45
Fuel:   Pellets Thermostat:   Yes
Capacity:   2400 sq. ft. Efficiency:   --
Max BTU:   45000 Hopper Size   pounds
Type:   Stove Width:   23.5"
Style:   Traditional Height:   34.5"
Construction:   Cast Iron Depth:   29.5"
Ignition Type:   Automatic Weight:   249 lbs


  • Room Sensor
  • Patented Feeder
  • Swing Open Ash Door
  • Accordion Heat Exchanger
  • Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • More than 100 Square Inches of Glass
  • Harman “Sidewinder” Burner Pot with Automatic Ignition
  • ESP Probe
  • Large Hopper
  • Patents Pending
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