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Harman XXV Pellet Stove

The Harman 25th anniversary pellet stove, featuring automatic ignition and temperature control and 50,000 BTU output. Additional features include a room sensor, ESP control, hook and roller door latch, large ash pan, and a choice of seven different colors.

The XXV does not use a thermostat like other pellet stoves. Rather it uses a tiny sensing probe that sends information to the microprocessor on the stove. This information is used to feed the proper amount of fuel at the right time to keep you warm and comfortable. The XXV also has a Stove Temp Mode that allows you to set the stove temperature as desired rather than the room temperature.


Model:   XXV
Fuel:   Pellets Thermostat:   Yes
Capacity:   2300 sq. ft. Efficiency:   --
Max BTU:   50000 Hopper Size   65 pounds
Type:   Stove Width:   29"
Style:   Traditional Height:   31.25"
Construction:   Cast Iron Depth:   26.75"
Ignition Type:   Automatic Weight:   375 lbs


Automatic Temperature Control

The XXV’s automatic temperature control system eliminates the warm/cold cycle associated with thermostatically controlled heating systems and even turns the XXV on and off as needed.

Patented Feeder & Burn Pot

The XXV bottom feeder system precisely meters pellet fuel into our patented burn pot which can burn all grades of pellet fuel. In addition, the XXV’s burn pot allows fuel to be burned at a very low rate.

Exclusive Ignition System

The XXV draws in air across a specially designed heating element located in the bottom of the burn pot. The air is then heated to the point where it ignites the pellets as they enter the burn pot.

Accordion Heat Exchanger

The XXV’s accordion heat exchanger allows a large amount of surface area to be placed in a small area, greatly increasing heat transfer efficiency.

Direct Vent

Harman Pellet Stoves are the only 100% true direct vent pellet stoves available. By using the optional outside air kit, the stove can be set up to use 100% outside air (not room air). Thus allowing the stove to be installed closer to the door and window openings than other brands. This versatility allows the stove to be placed where it best fits the layout of the room while also saving the cost of additional venting.

Top Vent Adapter

The XXV is the first Harman Pellet Stove to have the option of top venting. This unique venting configuration uses a 6" stove pipe which is conventionally used on most wood stoves. Therefore, a wood stove can be replaced with the XXV Pellet Stove, maintaining the look of a traditional cast iron wood stove with the ease of pellet fuel.

Additional Features:

  • Hook and Roller Door Latch
  • ESP Control
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Room Sensor
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
  • Harman Quality, Fit, & Finish
  • Accordion Heat Exchanger - provides greater heat exchange surface in less space
  • Quiet Operation
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Ash Removal Pan With Handle
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Total Automatic Operation
  • Patented Pellet Pro Feeder
  • Patented Pellet Pro Burn Pot
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Access Controls
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