Has Your Stove Had A Critical 8-Point

Cleaning and Inspection?

Did you know? Did you know?

If your stove hasn't been professionally cleaned, your pellets
probably aren't burning at full potential.


  1. Empty ash traps and clean exhaust passages behind fire chamber
  2. Clean burn pot, combustion chamber and exhaust fan
  3. Clean and lubricate fans and motor components
  4. Thoroughly clean the heat exchanger system
  5. Clean liner and reseal the venting system if needed
  6. Inspect all seals, heat/pressure switches and vacuum sensors
  7. Verify and adjust all stove settings for optimal efficiency
  8. Clean glass with solvent to remove stubborn stains

*Mechanical and electric components may eventually wear out and need repair or replacement.

Take Care of Your Pellet Stove Investment
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Call 1-800-PELLETS for pricing and availability.

  • We are currently ONLY accepting stove cleanings in specific areas of NH and MA.
  • Cleanings are being scheduled for mid-February through March.
  • Limited appointments available. Days and times will depend on your location. Your Cleancare Professional will schedule your appointment, and confirm it with you.
  • Pricing is for Pellet Stoves and Inserts ONLY. Boilers and Furnaces would need to be quoted.