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Cleanfire Hardwood

CleanFire® Hardwood Premium Wood Pellets are among the cleanest burning hardwood pellets available on the market. Independent third-party tests typically report these pellets contain less than 0.5% ash, which translates to less than half the number of trips to empty your ash pan as you might see with other “premium” pellets. The pellets are made from a proprietary blend of clean hardwood shavings and wood chips. A small amount of softwood is then added to facilitate processing and ensure a consistent product.

The Cleanfire® brand remains one of’s most popular, largely due to the exceptional quality controls that ensure customers receive a consistently top-quality wood pellet.

Made in the USA

  • .52% ash
  • Hardwood
  • 3.38% moisture
  • 8400 BTU/lb (moisture-free)
  • 8075 BTU/lb (as received)
Why two BTU values?

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  by May 22nd
(weather permitting)
(2 ton minimum)
$299.90/ton $294.90/ton
Sale ends April 30th!