Forklift Delivery

Hot Bricks

One pallet of Hot Bricks delivers the same heat as a full cord of wood!

Hot Bricks are an efficient, all natural, pressed wood brick developed to replace traditional cordwood for home heating.

They remove the bark and excess moisture from the wood fiber, which allows the heat created during burning to transfer directly into your home rather than going up your chimney.

A well established 'Hot Bricks' fire creates little visible smoke or creosote in your chimney and leaves less ash residue.

Hot Bricks burn Hotter and Cleaner.

  • Ideally sized for wood stoves.
  • Hot Bricks extends your burn times greatly.
  • 100% wood, no artificial binders.
  • Clean burning – minimal smoke, creosote and ash.
  • Lights with newspaper, no mess, no chopping, no bugs.
  • Easy to handle shrink-wrapped 15 packs.
  • Average burn time of 12 hours per stove fill.
  • Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures predictable burn time.

This product cannot be used in a pellet stove!

Home delivery is closed for 2014 and will begin again in April 2015.