Reporter Media Kit

Looking for more information on wood pellets? Look no further. Here, you’ll find information and contact info for industry spokespeople. Click on the links below to begin downloading.

The Whole Package
Download the entire media kit.

Company history and management team profiles.

U.S. Wood Pellet Industry
Overview of the U.S. renewable thermal industry today and contact info for industry experts.

Wood Pellets: Basics
Learn about the benefits of heating with wood pellets, including cost savings over other fuels, convenience of ordering & delivery, job creation in the U.S., and stimulus to the domestic economy.

Wood Pellets & the Environment
Learn about the environmental benefits of heating with wood pellets, including benefits to forests, clean combustion, and efficient use of clean, renewable resources.

Hear what people who heat with wood pellets have to say.

Resources For More Information
Learn more about the research that proves wood pellets are cost-stable, sustainable, and highly efficient.

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