Premium Horse Bedding

Because your wallet deserves a break, and your horses deserve nothing but the best.

Premium Horse Bedding has twice the absorption and four times the odor elimination power of shavings!

Made from the highest quality raw materials, our animal bedding pellets are economical and all natural. You’ll find only clean, 100% soft wood in Premium Horse Bedding – so your horses will enjoy fluffy, absorbent, long-lasting bedding.

Premium Horse Bedding keeps your horses happy and makes your life easier!

Save money: Premium Horse Bedding is delivered for 20-40% less than other leading bedding brands.

Save time: Pelletized bedding absorbs twice its volume in moisture – which means less mucking and longer-lasting bedding.

Save your nose: Bedding pellets act like thousands of tiny sponges, absorbing moisture 4x faster than shavings - neutralizing odors quickly and naturally.

Save space: Bedding pellets absorb moisture quickly and efficiently, so waste is contained in small spots – you can muck less, waste less, and save more!

Save the environment: Premium Horse Bedding pellets are composed of the highest quality saw dust and wood chips, with no additives, binders, or chemicals, and are screened for dust - so your horses get safe, healthy, 100% natural bedding.

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