Premium Softwood Horse Bedding

Our pellet bedding will help keep horses healthy and comfortable in a low-dust, low-moisture environment. Produced from 100% southern yellow pine our Premium Wood Pellet Bedding is all natural and equine-safe.

  • Cleaner, drier, and healthier stalls
  • Sterile and 100% biodegradable
  • Dramatically reduces ammonia and odor
  • Double screened and vacuumed for virtually no dust
  • Easy to handle 40 lbs bags
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Why Pellet Bedding?

Odor Neutralizer: Bedding pellets take in moisture 4x faster than shavings. Our kiln dried pine pellets bond with ammonia to destroy odors naturally by neutralizing on contact.

Safe and Natural: Our bedding pellets are composed of only high quality softwood fibers. There are no chemicals, additives, or binders. Our bedding pellets are sterile; free of mold or bacteria!

Space Savers: Due to the very tightly compacted nature of wood pellets, the bags take up minimal space. Once they are spread and wetted properly, they expand into fluffy, absorbent bedding.

How To Use

Step 1 – To Begin
Start with approximately 5-6 bags (depending on stall size). Moisten the pellet bedding material with a hose or bucket of water to activate the expansion process.

Step 2 – Cleaning
Remove wet spots, mix damp bedding into the dryer spots. Bedding should be somewhat moist to the touch. Adjust usage depending on the results and your horse’s comfort.

Step 3 – Maintenance
Add pellets as needed to preferred depth. Add small amounts of water to maintain moisture.

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