All pellets are not created equal

At, we’re obsessed with making sure our customers can choose from the best possible pellets available anywhere. That’s why we send each brand to an independent testing lab to make sure that the pellets in the bag meet our standards. And we don’t leave it at that – our suppliers share their own production test results with us and we continue to regularly test quality through independent testing labs

What do we pay attention to?

  • Ash content – the less the better. Premium pellets have one percent ash or less. Our super-premium fuels have half that, or less than 0.5 percent ash. Less ash = cleaner stove.

  • BTU – how hot is your pellet? Most pellet fuel provides 7,500-8,000 BTU/lb of heat energy, and we make sure you’re getting the most for your heating dollar.

  • Consistency – density, moisture content and pellet length can all affect how a pellet burns in your stove.