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We love wood stoves, too!

Wood pellets aren’t the only way to heat your home with renewable biomass fuel. For wood stove owners, biomass bricks are a great option to use recycled compressed “bricks” for a convenient, clean and, green alternative to cord wood.

  • Individually wrapped packages of 6-8 bricks
  • Arrive pre-stacked
  • No mess!
  • Also great for camp fires and chimineas!
  • Looking for information or pricing on wood bricks?


BioBricks are made of highly compressed, recycled sawdust from New England sawmills and can be burned in any woodstove just like regular cordwood; however, they have significant advantages over cordwood. One 4'x4'x3' pallet of BioBricks provides as much heat as a cord of wood, but takes up half the space, emits half the smoke into the atmosphere, and packs better in your stove, extending burn time by over 50%.

Eco Brix

Manufactured by GE Fabricators Inc. out of Salem NJ, Eco Brix are a high-efficiency fuel for airtight wood burning appliances, open fireplaces and wood-burning cooking ovens. This high-density fuel stores in less space, has a much lower moisture content, and therefore puts out more heat than normal cordwood. The company manufactures the fuel from leftover sawdust from its roof trusses, wood I-beam and construction building materials business. Instead of throwing away the leftover sawdust and chips from their manufacturing process, they recycle it into Eco Brix.

Liberty Bricks

Liberty Bricks are made of highly compressed, recycled wood chips and sawdust from the Petersburg, Virginia area sawmills and wood processing facilities. These bricks can be burned in any woodstove, chiminea or fireplace just like regular cordwood. Liberty Bricks (per skid) provide as much heat as a cord of wood without the splitting, hand stacking, mess and bugs. Liberty Bricks also emit half the particulates (smoke) and take up half the space as compared to cord wood, not to mention they are conveniently packaged 10 bricks per bundle (22.5 lbs per bundle / 90 bundles per skid).