Quality Certification Program

WoodPellets.com’s Quality Certified Pellets™ provide stove retailers and consumers a new benchmark for product quality and supplier accountability.

Testing Conducted According to Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards.

Each production lot of Quality Certified Pellets™ undergoes testing as specified by the Pellet Fuels Institute at the manufacturer’s location, including:

  • Moisture Content – an indication of pellet quality as well as heating value
  • Pellet Fines – a measurement to limit any light dust included with pellets
  • Other Tests – bulk density, diameter, length, etc.

Additional Independent Testing (Also According to PFI Standards)

WoodPellets.com randomly audits Quality Certified Pellets™ for evaluation by independent test labs. In addition to the above tests, we also check for:

  • Ash Content – the quantity of non-combustible minerals in the pellets
  • Heating Value – to determine how much heat is actually produced
  • Pellet Durability – an indication of the ability of the pellets to be transported

Testing Beyond Pellet Fuels Institute Requirements

Chloride Concentration – sodium chloride and other salts can be highly corrosive, yet are not part of the mandatory PFI test procedures. We work with our manufacturing sources to keep levels below recommended levels.

For additional information

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