Save Money:You could save $800 a year over fuel oil, $1,000 over propane, and $1,800 over electric heat by fully heating a 1,700 sq. ft. home in a cold-climate state with wood pellets in a high efficiency pellet stove or insert,based on 2010 fuel prices.

Reduce oil dependency: as a domestically produced resource, wood pellets help to stimulate the American economy and to ease our reliance on foreign-born fossil fuels

Carbon Neutral:you’ll produce less CO2 by burning wood pellets – in fact, more than 5 million tons of CO2 emissions will be eliminated through the use of renewable biomass fuels this year.

Sustainable:wood pellets are manufactured from wood harvested by sustainable forestry practices, and the raw material is often recycled from lumber yards and furniture plants.

Go Local: wood pellet heat stokes local communities – there are tens of thousands of green jobs that rely on biomass heat in the US today, many of them in a town near you.

Clean & Convenient:high efficiency pellet appliances are low maintenance, simple to care for and simple to clean, so keeping your family warm is easy.

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