How Bulk Delivery Works

Wood Pellets Bulk Delivery Truck

What Is Bulk Delivery?

Instead of 40lb bags, pellets are delivered in bulk trucks. The fuel is transferred from the truck to your high capacity storage container. If your container is accessible from the outside, it may be possible to receive delivery without even being home. The trucks keep track of fuel transferred and you only pay for what's delivered. Depending on your capacity, you may only need to have your container filled once or twice a year.

Bulk Storage Solutions

Soft-Sided Wood Pellets Storage

There are several storage solutions available. Choose the best bulk container for your needs. Choices range from outdoor high capacity silos, outdoor shed strictures, underground storage cells, indoor soft-sided containers, and indoor custom built containers.

The correct choice for you may depend on available indoor/garage/basement space, zoning restrictions, lot lines, or soil conditions. can help you determine your best solution.

Whether you have an existing pellet stove, insert, or central heating system, or you are considering a new pellet appliance, bulk storage and transfer can help provide a steady flow of uninterrupted fuel to your heating appliance.

Wood Pellets Transfer System to Pellet Furnace

Professional Installation & Service utilizes our extensive network of affiliate dealers and installers to help install or convert your fuel system to bulk. Want to give it a go on your own? Installation manuals and instructions are provided with every system to walk you through the process. We have a full customer service staff to provide telephone support and assistance if you run into a challenge.

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