What Kind of Weather Will This Winter Bring?


The 2014-15 heating season in the Northeast started pretty mild – with temperatures in September averaging around 50 degrees (F). January and February temperatures plummeted, and the snow accumulation broke records in many places. Most stoves weren’t switched off for the season until well into May.

      >> New England Snowfall Records Broken 

But what will this winter bring for the Northeast? More bitter temperatures? More debilitating snow levels?

Unfortunately, the Old Farmers Almanac is predicting above-normal snow and below-normal temperatures for much of New England.

“Just about everybody who gets snow will have a White Christmas in one capacity or another. We don’t expect a whole lot of relief.”

-Janice Stillman, Old Farmers Almanac

Another annual forecaster – First Hand Weather – also predicts more cold and snow: 

“The very warm waters in the northeast Pacific have the ability to affect the overall long-wave pattern in the U.S., and as we saw the last two winters, it can create a wavy and amplified jet stream, pushing Arctic air south into this region. While it’s difficult to say just how cold this region will be at this point, I do believe that several intrusions of Arctic air are possible. I don’t expect snowfall to be nearly as high as last year in places like Boston but decent snowfall totals should occur for many of these regions.”

-Matthew Holliday, First Hand Weather

What was last winter like for you? Did you have enough fuel, or did you have some left over? Make sure you order soon if you haven’t already – because preparedness is the best defense against tough weather.

Give us a call at 1-800-735-5387 to order today – or buy your wood pellets online.

Your Pellets Should Be Ordered by the Time You See These 5 Things

It’s completely up to you to decide when you want to place your wood pellet and/or wood brick order. However – do you want to have a quicker turnaround between your order date and delivery date? Do you want to be prepared for that first time you need to fire up your stove? If your answer is “yes” to either of those questions – take a look at our list below.

Here are five common signs that you’ll start to see around the time when your fuel order should be (or should’ve already been) placed.

1. Summer Clearance Sales


Are you seeing slashed prices on all the things you’ve been using over the summer? Stores are beginning to get rid of shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, coolers, beach towels, patio furniture and anything else meant for fun in the sun. On the bright side – it’s a great time to stock up for next summer!

Warm weather is on the way out – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


2. Mums/Rakes/Leaf-Blowers


Goodbye to mulch bags and delicate flowers. Hearty mums are the autumnal staple for front porches, and you’re seeing them available for sale everywhere.

Rakes have replaced beach toys up front and center of stores, in anticipation of the first fallen leaf. Lawn mowers are pushed back to make room for leaf-blowers.

The cold is coming – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


3. Back-to-School Supplies 

signs1Colorful pens, shiny new folders and the never-ending array of backpacks are on display almost everywhere you turn. If you’re not in the store actually seeing the supplies, you’re reading about them in mailers and hearing about them on the radio and on your television.

The start of school is approaching – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


4. Commercials for TV Shows

signs1Your weekly shows have been on hiatus since spring. That’s okay though- because you’ve been busy with other things all season.

Now, all your favorite network shows are returning soon – and the commercials promoting them (and new ones) are relentless.

You finally know the fall premiere date of your beloved shows – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


5. Pumpkin Flavor

signs1In line for your morning coffee – the smell of pumpkin spice hits you as you approach the counter towards all the pumpkin-flavored coffee, muffins, bagels, and donuts you could ever need.

Later that night, your menu is covered with pumpkin beer promotions. Where will it stop?

You can get pumpkin flavored anything – and your fuel should be ordered by now.


So…have you placed your fuel order yet? We can help with that.

Order your wood pellets online, or speak to an expert by calling 1-800-735-5387.

Free Wood Pellet Storage for the Summer (It’s Back!)

Order by 7/17 for Free Summer Storage!

In May, Woodpellets.com offered a free summer storage promotion that was wildly popular among our customers. The buy now – take delivery later option was perfect for those who wanted to take care of ordering their fuel early, but didn’t want to give up precious space over the summer for storage.

We received so many requests in June to bring this offer back – we decided to do it! For a limited time only, you can order your wood pellets or wood bricks now, and not have to worry about taking delivery until between August 15th and September 15th!

Why is this offer so popular?

  • Buying now means you’ll be all set for the upcoming heating season. You’re way ahead of the rush that will come later in the season.
  • The current pricing locks-in for you. If prices rise later – it won’t affect you at all.
  • You can enjoy the rest of your summer knowing your pellets are ordered, but you don’t have to even see them yet!

Don’t wait too long – you have to order your wood pellets online or by phone before Friday, July 17th to get free storage!


Order Pellets Online


Call 1-800-PELLETS (800-735-5387) to speak to an expert!

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Wood Pellet Delivery

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Employee Spotlight: New Director of Operations


Wood Pellet Delivery, New England Wood Pellet Fuel Mr. Jonathan Drabik joined the Woodpellets.com team in mid-April as the Director of Operations. As one of the many important moving parts of the company, Jon is responsible for ensuring the quality of delivery and distribution centers throughout our service region. This responsibility is essential for keeping deliveries timely and convenient, in order to make the customer experience a positive one.

Throughout his career, Jon has managed territories, processes, and materials across many different industries, and is excited to now be a part of the wood pellet fuel industry of New England (and parts of New York.)

Jon lives in New Hampshire with his wife and their two children. He grew up just north of Niagara Falls in New York. He still has loyalty to the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres, but now has a healthy appreciation for all New England sports teams.

We asked Jon what he liked best so far about working for Woodpellets.com. His answer: “The people! Both the friendly people at Woodpellets.com and the passionate, loyal customers!”

How to Stretch a Wood Pellet Purchase Over Several Months

Much like with any fuel purchase – buying your wood pellets or wood bricks for the heating season can be a significant expense. The Flex Savings Plan was created to make saving up for that large order easier. Enrolling in the Flex Savings Plan (FSP) gives customers the ability to save up over time with adjustable monthly payments to their Woodpellets.com account. Once the time comes to order, all those payments have added up to an account credit which will be applied to your fuel order.

Flex Savings Plan Benefits

If you sign up by June 30th – you’ll get FREE flexible delivery on your next fuel order!*

  • NEW!  Delivery Priority: Get bumped to the top of the delivery queue to get your fuel faster!
  • Custom Plans: Your monthly payment amount can be adjusted at any time, and you decide how long to participate!
  • Easy Budgeting: Spread out that large payment over months! Your accumulated credit will be applied to your next order. 
  • No Risks: This plan was designed to help our customers, but you might change your mind. Suspend or cancel at any time!

The Flex Savings Plan is still new and unique within the wood pellet market – so we understand you might have some questions. We have compiled the most common questions about the FSP below. Feel free to post your own questions in the comment section!

How does the Flex Savings Plan work?

Read more

Pellet Stove Season-End Cleaning and Shutdown Best Practices

How to Care and Clean Your Pellet Stove It’s finally here – time to shut down your pellet stove for the summer. It was a very long,
tough winter this year in the Northeast, and your stove probably worked hard. Considering pellet stove costs range at an average of around 2-3 thousand dollars, with some at double that price, this heating appliance is a real investment that will benefit from a few extra steps taken for season shut-down. Instead of just pulling the plug and walking away, responsible pellet burners should have a quick shut-down checklist to follow.
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Compressed Wood Bricks: Safe for Camp Sites and Great for Bonfires

Summer is the season for camping and bonfires – and it’s nearly upon us. But before you start packing up firewood for your camping trip – think again. Most camp sites do not allow firewood to be brought from outside sources. This is because firewood can transport insects such as wasps, ants and beetles that can hurt trees and spread disease. According to Don’t Move Firewood;

Tree-killing insects and diseases can lurk in firewood. These insects and diseases can’t move far on their own, but when people move firewood they can jump hundreds of miles. New infestations destroy our forests, property values, and cost huge sums of money to control.

So what should you do? Calling the campsite ahead of time to check what the rules are is a great first step. If the site allows local firewood to be brought in – just ask what the requirements are. You might just have to buy firewood that is sold close to where you’re camping. Make sure to ask where it’s from when you’re buying it. If the seller is unsure – you shouldn’t risk it.

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Best Practices for Storing Wood Pellets Inside or Outside

Storing Wood Pellets Outside

Pellets Stored OutsideIt’s not always possible to store your wood pellets inside. If you don’t have room to store your pellets in the garage or basement, the next best thing is a shed or shelter in a raised, dry place. If you can only store pellets outside – you can do that too. You just have a few extra steps to take, starting with inspecting your fuel when it arrives. Your fuel is carefully wrapped and protected with a plastic shroud before it’s sent out for delivery. Upon inspection, repair any rips or holes in the plastic shrouding with water-proof tape or additional layers of plastic.

Next, add a a securely fastened tarp over your fuel, to protect it from water and from any birds or small animals that may try to puncture the plastic to make a home. There are 50 bags on each one ton pallet, which stands about four feet tall.  If you bought 1.5-ton pallets, there are 75 bags stacked about six feet tall. The wooden pallets the fuel is stacked and wrapped on top of are 40 by 48 inches. Make sure your tarp is large enough to cover your pallets entirely.

>> Make your own tarp out of empty wood pellet bags! Follow the directions on our 
DIY pellet bag water blob article, and just make it into a square or rectangle instead of a pouch.

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