Common Winter Weather Lore

Weather LoreWeather lore is spoken and written folklore consisting of rhymes, anecdotes, and adages meant to predict upcoming weather. Have you heard of the warning for rain when cows lay down? Or what about “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.” These are both perfect examples of weather lore.

Most common are predictions about winter, and most specifically – December. The Old Farmer’s Almanac rounded up the most widely spread December folklore…have you heard of these?

  • On St. Thomas’s Day (December 21) the winter takes its full power.
  • White Christmas, green Easter. Green Christmas, white Easter.
  • If December is rainy, mild and unsettled, the winter will not be harsh.
  • If December is cold and the earth is covered with snow, next year’s rye will be in abundance.
  • If there’s thunder during Christmas week, the winter will be anything but meek.
  • The nearer the New Moon to Christmas Day, the harder the winter.
  • If Christmas day be bright and clear, there’ll be two winters in the year.
  • A green Christmas brings a heavy harvest.
  • So many hours of sun on Christmas Day, so many frosts in the month of May.
  • If the sun shines through an apple tree on Christmas, there will be an abundant crop of apples in the coming year.
  • If it rains on Christmas, there will be four weeks with no sun.
  • The wind at the end of Midnight Mass will be the dominant wind in the coming year.
  • A windy Christmas is a sign of a good year to come.
  • If there is much wind on Christmas Day, trees will bear much fruit.
  • If the wind grows stormy before sunset on Christmas, expect sickness in the coming spring and autumn.
  • If it snows on Christmas night, there will be a good crop of hops next year.
  • If at Christmas, ice hangs on the willow, then clover may be cut at Easter.
  • A bright Christmas foretells that hens will lay well.
  • A dark Christmas foretells that cows will give much milk.

2017FarmerAlmanacSpeaking of weather predictions, have you read the outlook from the famous Farmers’ Almanac? While last winter was a reprieve from shoveling and high fuel bills, the party is apparently over.

According to the 2017 Farmers’ Almanac, “winter is back!” We’re in for a cold and snowy one. The prediction warns of an active storm track that will deliver above-normal precipitation to the Southeast, Northeast and New England states throughout most of the winter, and especially in February.

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10 Gift Ideas Under $50 from Amazon

Amazon Gift Guide Under $50

If your order is placed by December 9th and includes at least one ton of Cleanfire fuel – you’ll be emailed a $50 digital gift card! We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas available from for under $50 below.

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1. Door Frame Fan $28

This quiet, unobtrusive fan can be installed in the top corner of your doorway to circulate the warm air coming from your pellet stove, wood stove or fireplace! Find it here.

2. Ash Bucket with Shovel $30

With it’s sturdy metal handle and wood grip, this bucket is perfect for collecting the ash you scoop out during your routine stove cleaning. Handy bonus – the shovel stows right on the side! Find it here.

3. Ash Vacuum $35

While we always recommend professional stove cleanings and inspections as a best practice, it’s also important to keep up with your own cleanings. This small, rugged wet/dry vac can handle removing the ash from your stove! Find it here.

4. Star Shower Outdoor Lights $46

Instantly project thousands of moving laser lights onto your home with the click of a button using this weatherproof holographic light projector – so you can skip the ladder! Find it here.

5. Heated Throw Blanket $50

What a great seasonal gift to help your loved one (or yourself) battle those extra cold nights! This heated blanket has three warming settings and an auto shut off function for safety. Find it here.

6. Fresh Herb Wreath $41

At first glance, it looks like just a pretty wreath. But it’s actually made from organic rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, and fresh red chili peppers! The herbs dry and can be used for cooking throughout the year. Find it here.

7. Engraved Cutting Board $40

This personalized bamboo wood cutting board is both unique and useful! One side is smooth and practical, to be used for cutting – while the other side is engraved for displaying. Find it here.

8. Food Selection Dice $34

This glass container of wooden dice helps you discover over 186,000 possible meal combinations to inspire creativity in the kitchen! Five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and 4 seasonal veggie dice are included. Find it here.

9. Shipping Pallet Coasters $29

Another fun yet useful idea – this set of four mini shipping pallet coasters are made from actual shipping pallets! Find them here.

10. Last Name Door Mat $48

Maybe this is the gift for your friend that has everything? This all natural coconut husk fiber door mat can be customized to say any name, making it extra special. Find it here.

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The team at has been working together with South Shore Wood Pellets to make sure former patrons are covered. We are a local New Hampshire company celebrating our 10th anniversary in business. We have withstood all the challenges over the years by focusing on one thing; our valued customers.

We proudly offer the highest quality wood pellets and bricks, convenient home delivery to your driveway or garage, and a team of experts to answer your questions – including troubleshooting and service needs. We have grown to become one of the most reliable and largest pellet retailers in the Northeast.

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Wood Pellet Burning Strategies Gaining Popularity Hardwood Softwood Burn Strategy

Have you considered burning more than one type or brand of wood pellets during one heating season?

A trend growing in popularity among experienced pellet stove owners is to burn pellets with a higher heat output during the coldest months of the heating season, and burn pellets with a lesser heat output (and a typically lower price tag) in the early season and late season months.

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DIY Empty Pellet Bag Jump Rope
Looking for a rainy day activity that the kids can help out with? We’ve put together a simple tutorial on how to make a jumprope out of empty wood pellet bags – and we hope you’ll try it out.

Remember, we’re dealing with plastic and scissors here, so kids should participate under adult supervision only.

What you’ll need:
- Empty wood pellet bags
- Scissors
- Tape
- Minimal braiding skills

For one jump rope, you’ll need two pellet bags. First, shake out any excess pellets and fines from the bags. Cut the tops and bottoms of the bags so you have a nice even double layer of plastic to work with. Carefully cut strips vertically either one layer at a time, or keep the layers together to cut two strips at a time. Try to keep the strips of similar width, but it doesn’t have to be perfect of course.

Next, tie at least 12 single strips of plastic together until you have a nice long strip of plastic. Repeat this twice to have three total. Fold each connected strip in half to double up the strength, and tie a knot on one end. Repeat this with the other two connected plastic strips. 

Twist the three double strings together, just under the knots you made, and securely tape down to a table or wall. To make the braiding easier, twist each double string all the way down to the end, and make a knot. You should now have three twisted together double strips, connected at the top.

Make a simple braid all the way from the top to bottom, using your three twisted together strips. Just like the old friendship bracelets, just much longer this time! Secure the three strings together at the bottom.

You can make a heftier, stronger jump rope by repeating the above steps twice, and braiding those three braids together. But this simple tutorial should give you a nice jump rope that can easily survive a season of play.

The handles can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. We used several layers of extra strips to wrap around the ends to make handles, and secured them with tape. Here you can get creative and add some fun flair, like colorful ribbon or decorative duct tape. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have any ideas on how to reuse empty wood pellet bags? Please share!

Wood Bricks Burning in a Wood Stove and Fire Pit

This video tutorial of how to burn wood bricks with fire wood in a wood stove is a series of clips filmed over 75 minutes. A smoldering piece of mostly burned-through firewood is in the back, with three Cleanfire Wood Bricks stacked in front. There is no kindling or extra assistance needed, due to the already hot firewood ash bed.

It’s important to remember that whether used alone or with firewood – wood stoves should not be packed tight with wood bricks. Don’t be fooled by their size. Wood bricks pack a super hot punch – which can damage a stove if used incorrectly. We recommend testing brick and/or brick+firewood burning variations to find the best fit for your stove.

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Wood Pellet Storage: The Basics

Woodpellets.comUnfortunately, there isn’t always a bunch of extra space available to keep your wood pellets stored safely, and out of the way. Of course, it’d be best for your wood pellets to be stored inside, but there isn’t always room for that! Unwrapping the shroud and re-stacking all the bags is a great solution to only having small spaces available. Take a look at how some of our customers stack their pellets indoors, here. Read how we stacked 50 pellet bags in a very tight space, here. Your pellets can also be stored outside successfully, if you take a couple of extra steps.

If you’re having wood pellets delivered to your home for the first time, or are storing them in a new location, it’s a good idea to measure out the space first in order to know what you can fit. First, let’s start with dimensions, so you’ll be able to plan your spaces effectively.

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The Questions Stove Techs are Asked Most

Why am I getting so much ash?

Woodpellets.comCheck out the specifications on the wood pellets you’re purchasing, and look for the ash content listed. The higher the percentage, the more ash you’ll get, and the more frequent your cleanings will be. Higher quality pellets will have lower ash percentages, and therefore less maintenance.

On top of research, another great way to choose a fuel is by talking to your fellow pellet-burners to see what they’re using and why. Of course, you won’t know what you like for your home and your budget until you run your own tests. But if you’re buying the cheapest pellets with lower heat and higher ash specifications – you shouldn’t expect the same results as the higher quality options available.

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Spring Break DIY – How to Make an Empty Wood Pellet Bag into a Kite

Spring DIY Projects by Woodpellets.comDid you ever see our post on how to reuse empty wood pellet bags? Well here’s a brand new DIY project, just in time for the kids being home all week for Spring break. It’s also just in time for warmer weather coming our way!

This post will show you the simple steps on how to make a kite out of an empty wood pellet bag.

What You’ll Need:
-1 Empty Wood Pellet Bag
-2 Sticks or Bamboo Skewers
-Twine, String or Cording
-Markers, Stickers, Embellishments

The entire project, not including decorating the kite, should take less than thirty minutes. Be sure that any kid helpers are always supervised by an adult, because this DIY involves plastic bags and scissors.

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Is a Budget Savings Plan Right for Me?

Only by Woodpellets.comMuch like with any fuel purchase – buying your wood pellets for the heating season can be a significant expense that can cause financial stress. That’s why we created the industry’s only savings plan specifically for wood pellets. Our “Flex Savings Plan” makes saving for your wood pellets easier by enabling you to budget your fuel purchase over many months – instead of a single large one-time payment.
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