Wood Pellet Dictionary: Common Terms Defined

Wood Pellet Terms

We know there are lots of terms and phrases in the pellet world that you don’t hear anywhere else. Here’s a basic glossary of some of the terms we’re most commonly asked to explain:

Ash ContentAsh Content – the waste product left from burning wood pellets. One of the major indicators of wood pellet quality, ash is measured as a percentage of weight. The lower the ash content, the less cleaning and maintenance you’ll likely have to perform on your stove. Premium hardwood pellets have less than 1.0% ash, and premium softwood pellets typically have less than 0.5% ash.

Biomass – organic matter that can be converted to fuel. Wood pellets are a biomass heat source.

BTU – British Thermal Unit. BTU is the measure of heat output for a fuel, and one of the key indicators of wood pellet quality. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat you will feel. You should expect to find a BTU rating of 8400-9000+ in premium wood pellets.

A Pallet Jack Delivery: This special type of delivery will place your pallet(s) inside your garage, where you want them.Pallet Jack – a hand-operated machine that lifts heavy pallets, allowing delivery drivers to pull skids of fuel over flat, hard surfaces (such as a garage floor). Because of their maneuverability and small size, pallet jacks give you greater flexibility than forklifts to place pallets exactly where you need them.

Skid (A.K.A. Pallet) – a wooden platform upon which wood pellet bags are stacked and wrapped. Wood pellets skids are packaged in different weights, and can have anywhere from 50 bags (1.0 ton) to 75 bags (1.5 tons) per skid.

Cleanfire Wood Bricks: A convenient cord wood alternative with a higher heat output.

Wood Bricks (A.K.A. Biomass bricks) –dried and condensed sawdust and wood chips, formed into a block shape that burns as a highly efficient cord wood alternative. (We like to explain wood bricks as big pellets that can be burned in a wood stove or fireplace.) While bricks are great for wood stoves, they cannot be used in pellet stoves.

Wood Pellet – highly efficient heating fuel composed of dried and compressed sawdust. Wood pellets are burned in a wood pellet stove, fireplace insert, boiler, or furnace.

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Wood Bricks: The Hotter, Cleaner Alternative to Cord Wood

What are wood bricks?

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Wood bricks are a fantastic alternative to burning cord wood.  Made of kiln-dried, super-condensed recycled wood chips and sawdust, they can be burned by themselves or added to cord wood to produce cleaner-burning, longer-lasting heat than cord wood alone. Because they are manufactured for optimal burning, they produce more heat than logs and consistently come with low moisture and high quality.


Why should I switch from cord wood?

Wood Bricks vs. Cord Wood

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Convenience: Cords of wood are usually delivered to you in a pile dumped on your lawn or driveway. Then the moving, stacking (and sometimes splitting) follows. Even more time and effort is added if you have to season your logs before use. Also, one pound of biomass bricks is equal to 1.7 pounds of cordwood in terms of how much heat you get. This gives you 70% more room for the same amount of heating fuel!

  • Wood Bricks are delivered in a neat clean packaging on a pallet. Depending on the brand of biomass brick, the ton is typically comprised of 50 packages of 20 bricks. They can remain on the pallet, or the ton can be split up for quick stacking in tight spaces.

Cleanliness: Not only are biomass bricks environmentally clean, but also clean for your home: bricks are bark-free and bug-free. Wood chips and sawdust are the only components in the kiln-fired bricks, which means there is no chance for insects to make homes in them. Firewood can bring a variety of insects such as wasps, ants and beetles into your home. This is why campsites do not allow cord wood to be brought in for campfires.

  • Handy Camping Tip: Packages of biomass wood bricks can be brought camping, and happen to be excellent for campfires. Bricks light quickly, burn clean and burn hot. The hot ash bed alone (which is perfect for cooking food and s’mores over) from burning bricks puts out more heat than a log on fire!

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