The Easiest Way to Get (at Least) $25 Off Your Next Order!

ReferralHave you heard about our referral program? You can get $25 in credit added to your account every time you successfully refer a new customer to!

Once your friend’s first order is delivered, you will automatically be credited $25 for your next order. So, if you’re happy with our service, our products and our convenient delivery…you can benefit.

Here’s an example: Bob is a current customer, and Mary is not a customer yet.

1. Bob tells Mary about convenient delivery, quality products and/or his overall happiness with the expert customer service at He tells her she’ll love it, and she will get $25 off her first order.

2. Mary calls 1-800-735-5387 to speak to one of our experts. She says, “Bob referred me!”

3. Mary places her order and receives her $25 discount.

4. When Mary’s order is delivered, Bob’s account is credited $25!

It’s as simple as that! And another thing…you can use referral credits in addition to a promotion. Typically, discounts cannot be combined. Also, there is no limit to the amount of referral credits you can receive.

Do you know someone that was affected by the wood pellet shortage earlier this year? If you were a customer of ours, you probably know we never ran out of pellets, and we never turned anyone away. Existing customers, new customers – no one was left in the cold if they ordered from Share the pellet love with your friends to make sure you both have a happy and warm heating season.

Here are just a few examples of some happy customers:


“Fast delivery, great service and fair prices. This is our third year ordering, and we would recommend your company to anyone. Your drivers are always so polite and helpful too!” -MA customer

“The driver was very friendly and polite. He was very helpful when he explained the difference between hardwood and softwood pellets.” -NH customer

“Thank you for the prompt delivery, and placing the pellets just where I asked. Same time next year!” -NH customer

“The service is the best, the most convenient, and the driver always shows up on time, with a smile.” -NY customer


To keep it simple, here is a printable sheet of referral cards to cut and give out to your friends that could use our services. Of course, you can always call us if you have any questions.





What is the Flex Savings Plan?

Wood Pellets Flex Savings Plan

Introduced in February of 2013, the Flex Savings Plan has quickly become very popular among our customers. We understand that buying your annual wood pellet fuel is typically a large purchase, one that may cause financial stress. Therefore, we created this Flex Savings plan to help budget that large annual fuel purchase by making it much easier to save.

So, how does it work?

The Flex Savings Plan allows you to make a monthly deposit in any amount you are comfortable with. This stretches out your wood pellet fuel purchase over months, instead of a single large one-time payment. Each monthly deposit is applied to your personal PelletBucks credit account. You’ll receive an automatic email statement for every deposit that shows your account balance. And when you’re ready to order your wood pellets, your PelletBucks credit amount will be automatically applied to your order balance. No lump-sum payment required. Your wallet will thank you!

What’s the catch? 

No catch. This plan is just a way to help you chip away at your annual fuel purchase. There’s no interest and you can stop at any time. If you do decide to stop for whatever reason…we will refund the money you have paid (minus a 5% electronic handling charge).

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Cleanfire Douglas Fir – The Cadillac of Wood Pellets has always sold super premium softwood pellets. With more heat and less ash than your typical hardwood pellet, high quality softwood pellets provide a superior burning experience for our customers. But there is one brand of softwood pellets that takes quality to a whole new level – our Cleanfire Douglas Fir.

Introduced in 2012, Cleanfire Douglas Fir pellets are special in many ways. First, these softwood pellets are made from 100% douglas fir material – one of the hottest burning wood species in North America. Check out this chart showing the relative heat output (as measured by BTU/lb) from various wood species.
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20 Ways to Re-purpose or Upcycle Empty Wood Pellet Bags

Earth Day Recycle ChallengeIn honor of Earth Day, we ran a challenge on our Facebook page to find out about some uses for empty pellet bags. Some great prizes were given out (a free professional pellet stove cleaning and PelletBucks) but we also learned so many new ideas for how to repurpose bags!

The photo to the left was our contest winner’s submission. This photo illustrates how she uses her empty bags for sorting her 
TerraCycle Brigade recycling. It looks like she uses an empty diaper box for sorting as well! The Terracycle Brigade program collects previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste, with free shipping as well as a donation for each piece of garbage recycled.

We loved that she takes extra time and care for not-so-simple recycling, and that our empty Cleanfire Douglas Fir pellet bags are a part of her process!

Although not everyone could come in first place, we loved all the ideas! Here are some of the ways our fans repurpose (or upcycle) their bags:

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