8 Steps to a Safe and Clean Wood Pellet Stove

Dirty Wood Pellet Stove

Picture courtesy of @KerryBioFuels

Aside from the usual ash removal and general maintenance, your wood pellet stove needs additional care in order to operate efficiently and safely. Although many stove owners believe their own cleaning techniques are sufficient, and some perhaps are, the fact remains that some things should be left to trained professionals.

Think of it like service for a car. There are some car owners who can adequately handle his or her own engine service. However, engines are typically best taken care of within the hands of honest, experienced professionals.

Check out this pellet stove chimney clog to the left. Just because pellet stoves burn with less creosote buildup than wood stoves, it doesn’t mean the stove doesn’t need attention. (The picture is from a stove with over four years with no professional cleaning and inspection.) Dramatic, perhaps…but you get our point.

We have broken down the 8 steps needed to keep your pellet stove running safe and at optimal efficiency.

  1. Empty ash traps and clean exhaust passages behind fire chamber
  2. Clean burn pot, combustion chamber and exhaust fan
  3. Clean and lubricate fans and motor components
  4. Thoroughly clean the heat exchanger system
  5. Clean liner and reseal the venting system if needed
  6. Inspect all seals, heat/pressure switches and vacuum sensors
  7. Verify and adjust all stove settings for optimal efficiency
  8. Clean glass with solvent to remove stubborn stains

Not everyone can service their own cars sufficiently. Not everyone can clean, inspect and repair their pellet stoves sufficiently. You have a lot going on…you can’t do everything!


If your stove hasn’t received the 8 critical steps listed above, call 1-800-735-5387 to learn more about how to have the cleanest, safest and most efficient pellet stove possible. 

  • Oz

    Good tips. Thanks.

  • Gina

    Can u recommend professional cleaners in the Levittown ny area?

  • http://www.woodpellets.com WoodPellets.com

    Hi Gina! As of right now, we unfortunately don’t have any partnerships in your area. However, it is important for you to get your stove professionally cleaned and inspected. We recommend you call the place where you originally bought your stove to see if they offer service, or see if they can tell you who does. Another option would be to call the stove shops in your area and ask them. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help! Stay tuned…we hope to expand our Cleancare service area soon. Have a great day, Gina!

  • Peter

    can you recommend professional cleaners in the hopkinton Mass area?

    • Scott

      I recommend Lunkers Outfitters in Ashland.

  • http://www.woodpellets.com WoodPellets.com

    Hi Peter! Please give us a call at 1-800-735-5387. We can help you!

  • John

    Who do you recommend in the Laconia area?

    • Woodpellets.com

      Hey John! Call us at 1-800-735-5387 for some help. Thanks!

    • http://www.woodpellets.com WoodPellets.com

      Hey John! Call us at 1-800-735-5387 when you can. We can help you out!

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